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  • Intergenerational equity, student loan debt, and taxing rich dead people 

    Haneman, Victoria J. (2019)
    Once upon a time, there was a generation of indentured servants called Millennials. They were beautiful and mysterious and clever and feckless, in the way that all young people can sometimes be. The Millennials had dreams ...
  • Nebraska Criminal Justice Review, December 2019 

    Beckman, Mel (editor) (Holy Family Church, Omaha, Neb.. 2019)
    CONTENTS: | Good people are at work, but the justice system is fragmented, by John Krejci | The Interstate Corrections Compact explained, by Scott R. Frakes, Director of the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services | ...
  • Les plus belles fables de La Fontaine 

    La Fontaine (Publicis Koufra: Le Crédit Mutuel. 1988)
    Here is a second extra copy of this book. This booklet has an unusual format, since it is 11½" across and about 8" high. Each of twenty fables has a two page spread combining four elements: a monochrome strip of designs ...
  • What Animals Say to Each Other: 30 Nature Fables in Rhyme 

    Jakob Streit, translated from German by Nina Kuettel (Waldorf Publications. Chatham, NY, 2013)
    Here is the English translation of "Was Tiere miteinander reden: 30 Naturfabeln in Gedichtform" from Oratio publishers in 2004. That edition already had the illustrations of Kilian Beck. The book thus becomes an even ...
  • Fables complètes 

    Virgile du Pourquoi Pas? (Racine. Brussels, 2010)
    This paperback is apparently a re-issue of a hardbound book of the same title by the same publisher in 2001. Virgile, Léon Crabbé, died at the age of about eighty in 1970, having written, apparently, hundreds of columns ...

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