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April 21st, 2011
Carol Zuegner

Journalism Department
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With Jesus, so often the most important part of his message and of his actions are simple. Simple in the best meaning of the word, a simplicity that resonates in my mind and in my heart and I hope in my actions.  

In today’s readings, we first read in Exodus of the power of God and the call for sacrifice. We must prepare and we must be ready with our sandals on our feet and our staffs in our hands. We must strive to be ready spiritually as well.  In the second reading and the Gospel, Jesus tries to help his apostles be ready for what is to come. In this most human of his moments, you can tell his love and concern for these men. Like any teacher, he wants to make sure he has done enough, taught them enough.

When Jesus washes the feet of the apostles, it humbles me. The act of kneeling in front of someone to wash that person’s feet is the very core of the idea of servant. Peter at first resists, but when Jesus tells him he will understand later. Peter’s faith and trust are so great that he asks for Jesus to wash his hands and head as well. We also need that faith and trust to be as a servant to others, to treat all others with respect and dignity. The message is a simple one, beautiful in its simplicity. I pray that I can strive to live that message in a world that often seems complicated and chaotic. Let me do my part to be a servant to others.

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