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August 6, 2009

Maria Teresa Gaston

Center for Service and Justice
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Hey Lord,

I’m putting myself in your hands (also Sr. Jean’s), taking a hike with you next week– through a retreat that will be longer than I’ve ever taken. A friend’s words -- that her directed silent retreat has ‘kept her in ministry’ helped motivate me to try this.

I’m looking forward to it… also wondering what I should take, how I should be preparing…

Thank you for this opportunity Lord.

Perhaps Peter, James and John felt this way, a bit unsure before they left for their long hike with Jesus. Mark writes that Jesus “led them up a high mountain apart by themselves.”  Someone must have been in charge of bringing some food, another some drink…  What else? Did Peter carry some camping gear if he offered to “make three tents” while they were at the summit?

What was Jesus hoping for? Was it a retreat-of-sorts for him? Was he seeking to discern God’s voice more clearly in his own life? Was he becoming aware of the difficult journey to Jerusalem ahead and wanting to get his best supporters to better understand and prepare?  Were the disciples also becoming aware that their identity, relationship with God, and purpose in life were fundamentally changing with Jesus?

Today’s gospel account tells us that the time apart and the long hike was worth it. The great prophet and great law-giver of our Jewish ancestry affirmed the mission of this anointed one of God and a voice confirmed unmistakably – Jesus’ being uniquely loved and chosen.

I pray for myself and for all of us in the community of faith that we take time to celebrate and re-affirm the moments in our lives when we have received clarity about our identity and mission. My 28th wedding anniversary comes just at the end of my retreat. I pray John and I can be renewed in our love in Christ.

I am also mindful of the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima, Japan on this day. Let us not forget our call in Christ, to see all with the eyes of God and therefore support the work of peace and the justice necessary for peace.

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