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    • Fôves du Baron d' Fleȗru 

      Pétrez, Henri (Imprimerie de Charleroi. Charleroi, 1950)
      Here is a paperback book with thirteen bilingual texts, French and Walloon. The first is a conversation with Jean de La Fontaine. The others are new fables. Along the way, there are delightful cartoons from none other ...
    • Le Roman du Renard 

      no author (Jules Tallandier. Paris, 1955)
      If any artist can do justice to the "Romance of Renard," I imagine it is Rabier. Here is an edition that I suspect is made for children. I recognize fable material in the presentation at the following places: "Renard et ...
    • The Old Fox of the Wood and Daisy the Goose. 

      Rabier, Benjamin (Basil Blackwell. Oxford, 1930)
      I include this typical Rabier set of three stories--the third is LM--because the latter refers back to Aesop's fable when Leo the lion lets the mouse come forward to answer his question Why am I great? The mouse's ...