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    • One badly damaged and clumsily repaired ABC plate 7½" in diameter 

      Unknown author (1880)
      I have seen ABC plates on Ebay and hoped to land one, but they have been very expensive. Finding a broken one was my lucky way to beat that problem! Someone e-mailed Ms Levine during the auction with the information that ...
    • One dessert plate illustrating The Fox and the Crow 

      Unknown author (1990)
      This plate is identical in form to the Fox and the Crow plate in the set of six dessert plates by the Musée de la Faiencerie de Gien. Where, however, that plate used gray, this plate uses black. The impression is quite different!
    • Plate 7¼" in diameter and 1 inch deep 

      Unknown author (1979)
      Now this is a weighty object! "Plate" here is no longer something one eats off of! The spatial presentation of the fable is very good. This fox cannot get at these grapes, but the hill lures him into trying it. I have seen ...
    • Plate of The Fox and the Grapes in green and black 

      Unknown author (1910)
      The central photograph-like image has the fox near a well with a pulley, rope, and buckets. The fable title is given at the top of the image, and its last lines are at the bottom. A green pattern plays with leaves around ...
    • Repaired ABC plate 7½" in diameter. 

      Unknown author (1880)
      Here is a much better exemplar than the plate I had found earlier. The colored design in the middle is very well preserved. Repairs have been made to reinstate a smaller piece from about 10 and 11 o'clock and a larger piece ...
    • Six plates of La Fontaine's fables using images of Épinal de Pellerin 

      Unknown author (1980)
      Besides the plate done by the "Societé Francaise de Porcelaine," which features The Tortoise and the Hare, I have a set of Épinal plates just over 8" in diameter and a single plate an inch larger depicting The Fox and the Crow.
    • Sologne 

      Unknown author (1970)
      1. La Grenouille qui veut se faire aussi grosse que le boeuf The vibrant colors help to focus attention here immediately on the largest of the frogs in his red, white, and blue outfit. The steer, turned in the opposite ...
    • Two cream-colored small plates 5" in diameter 

      Unknown author (1925)
      I was and am sure that there must be a number of such sets around France, and so I was delighted to find these two little dishes on Ebay. Their paint-work is very attractive. Particularly well done is the stance of the fox ...