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    • My Mother's Suspice: An Alzheimer's Story 

      Alexander, Andy, S.J.; Waldron, Maureen McCann (Creighton University, Online Ministries. Omaha, Nebraska, United States, 2000)
      Text from the first half of "My Mother's Suscipe: An Alzheimer's Story"|My mother, Rosemary Mulligan McCann, was a brilliant woman, and it was particularly hard for us to watch as Alzheimer's seeped her brilliance from ...
    • My Nursery Tale Book 

      Scarry, Richard (Golden Press: Western Publishing Co.. NYNew York, 1961)
      TMCM told by Patsy Scarry has a quaint flapper city mouse in its water colors. The picture of the cat discovering the two mice may be the best. This story adds a vacuum cleaner! The picture on the back cover has a dog ...
    • My Nursery Tale Book 

      Scarry, Richard (Golden Press: Western Publishing Co.. NY, 1961)
      Here, in somewhat poorer condition, is a fifth printing of a book whose sixth printing from 1972 is also in the collection. TMCM told by Patsy Scarry has a quaint flapper city mouse in its water colors. The picture of ...
    • My Nursery Tale Book 

      Patsy Scarry et al (Golden Press: Western Publishing Co.. NY, 1961)
      This is my earliest version of this book. I have two other copies printed in 1970 and 1972. All three of these stem from the 1961 copyright. Earlier copyrights were in 1949 and 1954. This copy differs from the 1970 ...
    • My Own Storybook 

      No Author (Banner Press. NYNew York, 1974)
      A delightful collection from all sorts of sources, including Gerard Manley Hopkins. The fable section (135-9) features good choices from Lessing and Aesop, including the less known The Lawyer and the Pears. There is ...
    • My Picture Book of Aesop's Fables 

      Williams, Violet M (Dean & Son Ltd.. London, 1950)
      Large-format children's book with identical covers of paper over boards. The characters here are universally cute and cuddly. The animals are dressed in human garb. The characters are named (e.g., Dandy and Mr. Beef in ...
    • My Picture Story Book 

      Sivetidis, Victor (Murrays Childrens Books. Bucharest[s.l.], 1977)
      One of the most creative children's books I have come across. In the midst of the good puzzles and activities there is one story The Crow at the Birds' Fair After Aesop --the Hermes and the Statue story with a crow ...
    • My Poetry Book of Masterpieces in Verse. 

      Carlisle, Laura; Huffard, Grace Thompson (Parent's InstituteParents' Magazine Enterprises. NYNew York, 1934)
      Hundreds and hundreds of poems! Very few illustrations. William Ellery Leonard's The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf is included, as is Emerson's Fable. Also William Schwenck Gilbert's The Fable of the Magnet and ...
    • My Second Death 

      Cooper, Lydia (Tyrus Books. 2013)
    • My Specialty: Cancer Genetics 

      Lynch, H. T. (1979)
    • My Story Book 

      Curtis, Stuart A; Smith, Nila Banton; Wolcott, Elizabeth Tyler (World Book Co.. ChicagoNY, 1926)
      FG, CP, LM, BC, FC, and TH are among the thirty stories. Wolcott's multi-colored illustrations are nice and in good shape. Maybe the best picture is the first, that of FG.
    • My Storytime Book 

      No Author (Exeter Books. NYNew York, 1986)
      A very pleasing large-format book, with some better illustrations than I have come to expect from Exeter. Nine fables. The best illustrations include FS (54) and BC (128). Most fables are one page long; TMCM runs to ...
    • My Storytime Treasury 

      Miller, Olive Beaupré (Houghton Mifflin Company. Boston, 1991)
      This book represents a selection for children between 2 and 5 years of age from "My Book House," a popular series of graded children's readers. The principles on which selection was made -- both by Miller and by present-day ...
    • My Sunday Book of Bedtime Stories 

      Askins, Bert (William Collins Sons and Co. Ltd.. London?, 1987)
      Two fables. The farmer is saved by the eagle from a chunk of falling city wall. The grasshopper admits his fault, and the ant welcomes him. The title page of this unusual book has no title! With so many illustrators, ...
    • My Tale is Twisted! Or The Storal to this Mory, With a Glowing Introduction by the Author Himself 

      Taylor, F. Chase (M.S. Mill Co.. NYNew York, 1946)
      I have had such fun reading this book! I am going to copy its fables and try some of them first with my community and then in my next fable lecture. I had sought this book for years since my sister Meg sent me an excerpt ...
    • My Treasured Tales: Classic Stories, Fables, and Nursery Rhymes for the Whole Family 

      Rooney, Ruth; Simons, Barbara B (Southwestern Company. Nashville, 1995)
      This book seems an expansion of Treasured Tales of Childhood: Fables & Nursery Rhymes, published by Southwestern in 1974 and again around 1985. There Aesop's Fables formed the seventh of eight sections reproducing -- with ...
    • My Treasury of Aesop's Fables 

      Payne, Jan (Igloo Books Ltd.. Cottage Farm, Sywell, Northampton, UK, 2016)
      This book is built off a 2013 publication by the same team and still has that 2013 copyright. It has reduced from 25 fables on 192 pages to 23 fables on 176. Dropped from there are BC and "The Gnat and the Lion." The ...
    • My Treasury of Stories and Rhymes 

      Baxter, Nicola (Barnes & Noble BooksBookmart Limited: Barnes & Noble. NY, 1994)
      Six fables appear as part of Animal Tales and Rhymes (130-92) in this very large children's compendium. There are some unusual turns in the versions presented. Thus in TH the hare felt a little out of breath, and ...
    • Myalgia 

      Bockman, C. S.: Eckerson, J.: McCarson, K. E. (Elsevier. 2015)
    • Myalgia 

      Bockman, C. S.; Eckerson, J. (Elsevier Inc.. 2011)