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    • Words From The Wise 

      Wortman, Arthur (Hallmark Crown Editions. [Kansas City, Mo.,, 1973)
      A beautiful book. I particularly like Kredel's colored illustrations, which are well printed here. FG is on both the back of the dust jacket and 17, with a good colored illustration in each case. These proverbs made me ...
    • The Words of Socrates : Le parole de Socrate. 

      Grandville, J.J. (Boston, Elizur Wright, Jr. and Tappan and Dennet.. 1841)
      black-white drawing|Book IV, Fable 17|Fables of La Fontaine. Illustrated by J.J. Grandville. Translated from the French by Elizur Wright, Jr.; Vol 2.; Boston, Published by Elizur Wright, Jr. and Tappan and Dennet. New York, ...
    • Words of Wisdom : A Philosophical Dictionary for the Perennial Tradition 

      Carlson, John W. (University of Notre Dame Press. Notre Dame, Ind, 2012)
    • Words of Wisdom: Russian Folk Tales from Alexander Afanasiev's Collection 

      Afanasʹev, A. N (Raduga Publishers. Moscow, 1998)
      The forty-two stories in this lovely book move quickly from the simpler fable-like stories into longer, more complex, magical fairy tales. They also move to more and more specific names. Seven of the first eight qualify ...
    • Words, Beasts & Fishes 

      Dixey, Marmaduke (Faber and Faber Limited,. London, 1936)
      A wonderful surprise. This book has been sitting around for almost two years, and I have finally had the chance to enjoy it. The flyleaf describes these twenty-one verse tales as witty and accomplished Fables, after the ...
    • Words, Riddles, and Stories 

      No Author (Bantam Books. NY, 1985)
      See my comments under the identical hardbound version.
    • Words, Riddles, and Stories 

      No Author (Bantam Books. NY, 1985)
      The third Section, Tell Me a Story, contains Cinderella and then five Aesop's fables with Disney characters: Donald spills the milk, Pluto loses the bone, and three pigs dig up the farm. Though not named, the ...
    • Work and Creation 

      Simkins, R. A. (2009)
    • Work Horse: Selected Poems 

      Argotsinger, Matthew Alan (Creighton University. Omaha, Nebraska, 2015)
      In his first collection of poetry, Matthew Alan Argotsinger explores the world of predawn blue collar bagel baking, along with all the aftereffects that such a life causes. Unafraid to be lyrical and expressing a rich love ...
    • The Work of the Sinsinawa Dominicans in Secondary Education West of the Missouri River 

      Long, Mary Bruno (Creighton University. Omaha, Nebraska, 1943)
      There Is a call from Catholic educational leaders for more research study of the problems peculiar to Catholic secondary education. The solution at any educational problem involves its consideration from an historical point ...
    • Work Spouses: Defining and Understanding a "New" Relationship 

      McBride, M. C.; Bergen, Karla Mason (2015)
    • Work That Is Play 

      No Author (A. Flanagan. Chicago, 1908)
      Here is the second copy of this book. It has tan rather than orange endpapers. The spine is weak. A favorite of mine. The book begins with an impassioned plea for play for little folks. It presents a narrative and ...
    • Work That Is Play 

      Gardner, Mary (A. Flanagan Company. Chicago, 1927)
      This book reprints in slightly different format an original publication from 1908 from the same company. The format is slightly larger; the plates seem the same, but the margins have increased in size. The cloth cover ...
    • Work That Is Play 

      Gardner, Mary (A. Flanagan Company. Chicago, 1908)
      A favorite of mine. The book begins with an impassioned plea for play for little folks. It presents a narrative and then the same story in dramatic form. (Note that one similar volume I have was done one year later.) ...
    • Work Toward the Development of a Microfluidic Biosensor 

      Anderson, Laura R.; Stukel, Nicholas R.; Gross, Erin M. (Creighton University. 2012)
      Project Goals • Optimize the method of electrode fabrication to make the microchip more durable and long-lasting •Determine the oxidation potential of luminol and hydrogen peroxide. •Optimize the flow rate of the solution ...
    • Work values and Christian religiosity: an ambiguous multidimensional relationship 

      Geser, Hans (Rabbi Myer and Dorothy Kripke Center, Creighton University. Omaha, Nebraska, 2009)
      Based on data from World Values Survey, this paper argues that people who accord a central place to religion and God are consistently more likely to give work a highly important place in their personal life. This regularity ...
    • Work Values, Cognitive Strategies, and Applicant Reactions in a Structured Pre-Employment Interview for Ethical Integrity 

      Pawlowski, Donna R.; Hollwitz, John (Sage Publications Ltd.. United Kingdom, 2000)
    • Work-life communication 

      Kirby, E. L.; McBride, M. C. (Sage. Thousand Oaks, CA, 2006)
    • Work-Life Conflict 

      Kirby, E. L.; Wieland, S. M. B.; Chad McBride, M. (SAGE Publications Inc.. 2013)
    • Work-life research from both sides now: An integrative perspective for organizational and family communication 

      Kirby, E. L.; Golden, A. G.; Jorgenson, J. (International Communication Association. Mahwah, NJ, 2006)