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    • Fables Par A.V. Arnault 

      Arnault, A.-V (A la Librairie d'éducation et de jurisprudence d'Alexis Eymery. Paris, 1813)
      This is an incomplete reprinting, one year later, of Arnault's four books of fables. From Bodemann's description, it seems identical with the original edition of 1812 done in Paris by Jh. Chaumerot-Chaumerot jeune, Gillé ...
    • Oeuvres de A.V. Arnault: Vol. IV: Fables et Poésies Diverses 

      Arnault, A.-V (Bossange Père et Bossange Frères. Bossange père, Libraire,Paris, 1825)
      Volume IV of the works of Arnault: the only indication I can find is the line at the bottom of 548: Fin de la Table du Quatrième Volume. Eight books of fables --142 of them -- cover 1-300, with notes on 301-408. There ...