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    • 4-piece Colon Model with Pathologies 

      Unknown author (2/4/)
      "In addition to normal anatomy, this cross section of the colon also shows diverticulitis, colitis, polyps, and cancer. Includes key card. 4"" long."
    • Creighton University Window Winter 1986-1987 

      Daly, John P., S.J.; Guthrie, Robert U.; Schlesinger, Allen B.; Schultenover, David G., S.J. (Creighton University. Omaha, NE, 1986)
      THE JESUITS: 400 YEARS IN CHINA / FOR FOUR CENTURIES, JESUITS HAVE TAKEN MISSION TO CHINA | Creighton becomes the latest Jesuit link to China with the signing of an agreement with Northwest University in Xian. See Fr. ...
    • Skin Cancer Display 

      Unknown author (2014)
      This comprehensive folding display is "well done"-and it urges viewers not to be. Filled with helpful photographs, it stresses the importance of protecting the skin from harmful UV rays that can cause skin cancer. With ...
    • Skin Pathology Model 

      Unknown author (2/4/)
      "Explain cancerous (nodular basal cell, malignant melanoma, and morpheic basal cell) and non-cancerous skin conditions (dysplastic nevi, keratoacanthoma, and actinic keratosis) with this magnified model of the skin. Also ...
    • Sun Safety: Ban the Burn 

      Unknown author (2014)
      Explain how to play it safe in the sun. Discusses hazards of excess sun exposure and how to practice sun safety. 58" x 22 1/2" opened.
    • Understanding Lung Cancer Chart 

      Unknown author (2014)
      Lung cancer is illustrated and explained in this detailed chart. Describes how lung cancer is diagnosed and staged and lists risk factors, symptoms, and treatment options. Also emphasizes that 90% of lung cancer deaths are ...