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    • Lion and Mouse 

      Cunningham, Carol (Sunflower Press. Mill Valley, Calif., 1974)
      Miniature, 2.5 x 2.5. Green covers on green paper. Aesop's LM story suddenly goes out of whack when the mouse comes running, but it turns out to be the wrong lion! And mouse waited all his life, but never was asked to ...
    • The Miser and His Bag of Gold 

      Cunningham, Carol (Sunflower Press. 1972)
      Here is a lovely miniature of some fourteen pages. The moral is well said: "Hoarded wealth is useless wealth." Not illustrated. This tiny book has impressive gold and white covers. Tracy Bradbury specializes in selling ...
    • Never Cry Wolf!: A Fable Retold 

      Aesop; Cunningham, Carol (Sunflower Press. NA[Mill Valley, Calif.], 1987)
      A lovely little book, printed as well as told and illustrated by Cunningham. This miniature book is a good example of strategic repetition and variation. It looks like the same illustration is used for all three pages ...