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    • Between a rock and a hard place: Can physicians prescribe opioids to treat pain adequately while avoiding legal sanction? 

      Dineen, Kelly K.; DuBois, James (2016)
      Prescription opioids are an important tool for physicians in treating pain but also carry significant risks of harm when prescribed inappropriately or misused by patients or others. Recent increases in opioid-related ...
    • Creighton University Window Summer 1991 

      Johnson Steinhoff, Anne; Schinker, Nick; Scott, John M., S.J.; Reynolds, Cynthia Furlong; Haller Jr., Ben (Creighton University. Omaha, NE, 1991)
      CREIGHTON RESEARCHERS STUDY WONDER DRUGS FOR THE FUTURE / CREIGHTON RESEARCHERS STUDY DRUGS WE WILL BE USING IN THE FUTURE | Researchers in the School of Pharmacy and Allied Health and the School of Medicine are at work ...