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    • Can Savonarola be Justified? 

      White, Loretto R.S.C.J. (Creighton University. Omaha, Nebraska, 1929)
      In the Museum of St. Mark in Venice may be seen a portrait labeled: "Frs Girolamo Savonarola." It is a profile and in it Art has achieved, if not a masterpiece, at least a bit of work that has the power to fascinate the ...
    • Can the Conduct of Savonarola be Justified! 

      Waring, M. Grace (Creighton University. Omaha, Nebraska, 1923)
      In order to arrive at a reasonable and fair solution of the question propounded in our theme we shall first take a brief survey of the state of Italy shortly before and at the time when Savonarola began his life as a member ...
    • The Florentine Guilds 

      Dieringer, Stephen Francis (Creighton University. Omaha, Nebraska, 1929)
      The Florentine guilds from the twelfth to the sixteenth century, with one notable exception to be referred to hereafter, represent the high-water mark in the history of these great mediaeval institutions. But the formation ...