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    • 4-Piece Bronchus Model 

      Unknown author (2/4/)
      "Demonstrate the tissue changes that occur during asthma and chronic bronchitis with this four-stage cross-section model. Includes key card. 4"" long."
    • 4-piece Colon Model with Pathologies 

      Unknown author (2/4/)
      "In addition to normal anatomy, this cross section of the colon also shows diverticulitis, colitis, polyps, and cancer. Includes key card. 4"" long."
    • 4-Stage Osteoporosis 

      Unknown author (2/4/)
      "Take the mystery out of osteoporosis with these enlarged cross sections that illustrate progressive thinning of bone. Four disks represent healthy bone, as well as stages IIIV osteoporosis. Comes with key card. Disk set ...
    • 6-Sided Fitness Dice 

      Unknown author (2/4/)
      "Offer variety in your fitness program with these durable latex dice. One die contains exercises, such as toe touches, arm circles, and sit-ups. The other die has even numbers to indicate the number of repetitions. 7"" tall."
    • A&D Multi-User Upper Arm Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor w/ AccuFit Plus Wide Range Cuff 

      A & D Medical
      The UA-767F series has the core features users have come to know, such as clinically validated accuracy and Irregular Heartbeat (IHB) Detection, with the UA-767 line. They additionally feature the ability for up to four ...
    • A1C Levels: An Inside Look Model 

      Health Edco, Inc.
      Use this essential model to explain A1C levels to patients. One half of the model represents healthy blood glucose and A1C levels by depicting a small number of glucose particles and a red blood cell model that has few ...
    • Activity Bingo 

      Unknown author (2/4/)
      "Everyone wins with this game which is played like traditional bingo with a twist: The whole group completes the physical activity listed on each calling card. Physical activities include stretches, windmills, and jumping ...
    • Anatomy of an Opioid Abuser 3-D Display 

      Health Edco, Inc.
      Opioid abuse carries a high likelihood of overdose and death, a point driven home by this eye-catching, 3-D, framed, educational display. The display features high-quality, painted, organ models and easy-to-read text that ...
    • Bag of Germs Set 

      Health Edco, Inc.
      Great for teaching any group about the importance of hand washing to protect against the spread of germs and illness, each Bag of Germs has a replaceable pouch of Germ Powder contained within a special bag that deposits ...
    • Balance Board With Maze Game 

      Nantong Jingu Plastic Product Co., Ltd. (2017)
      Balance boards, also known as wobble boards, are instruments that use a flat, hard top that you stand on, and an unstable rounded bottom. You need to exercise balance and swift movements to move the ball in the maze located ...
    • Barron's Anatomy Flash Cards 

      Ken W. S. Ashwell (2017)
      A total of 300 cards show muscles, bones, and organs, and are color coded according to their general function in the human body.
    • Blue2 Bluetooth Switch 

      AbleNet, Inc.
      Blue2 is the most widely used Bluetooth switch interface for tablets, mobile phones, and computers. Blue2 allows you to quickly and easily connect one or two accessibility switches to your device via a Bluetooth connection. ...
    • Bullying and Harassment Situation Cards 

      Unknown author (2/4/)
      "Thought-provoking and straightforward, this 60-card set is a teacher's ace in the hole in the effort to prevent bullying. Each card depicts a different bullying situation, allowing participants to talk over alternatives ...
    • BV Medical Professional Dual-Head Training Stethoscope 

      BV Medical
      Two-channel training stethoscope provides accurate sound transmission to both student and instructor simultaneously. Two sets of adjustable aluminum binaurals - Two sets of flexible 22" PVC Y-tubing and one straight 22" ...
    • Chronic Care Challenges Simulation Glasses - Set of 6 

      These innovative simulation glasses create the realities of six common age-related visual impairments: cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, retinopathy, hemianopsia, and detached retina. They are designed to be easily ...
    • Clem's Phlegm 

      Unknown author (2/4/)
      "Put 2 weeks' worth of phlegm that would be coughed up by a smoker in your audience's hands. This attention-getting sealed jar demonstrates one of the nasty consequences of smoking. Smoking causes thick mucus to build up ...
    • Clever Catch Tobacco Ball 

      Unknown author (2/4/)
      "Help players catch the truth about tobacco with the 75 questions about the dangers of tobacco printed on the surface of this ball. Comes with instructions and answer sheet. 16"" diameter."
    • The Consequences of Diabetes 3-D Display 

      Health EDCO, Inc. (2017)
      Uncontrolled diabetes can cause damage throughtout the body. Featuring eight models depicting heart disease, stroke, nerve damage, and more, this 3-D display highlights the importance of proper diabetes management. Display ...
    • Consequences of High Blood Pressure 

      Unknown author (2/4/)
      "Need to give people a compelling reason to avoid high blood pressure? Better yet give them eight reasons. From bursting arteries to blindness, this display is a real chamber of horrors illustrating the critical importance ...
    • The Consequences of Smoking 3-D Display 

      Health EDCO, Inc. (2017)
      From lung cancer to stroke, this 3-D interactive display graphically reveals why tobacco use is the world's leading cause of preventable death. Eight handpainted, removable models depict how smoking damages internal organs ...