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    • Korean Folk & Fairy Tales 

      Han, Suzanne Crowder (Hollym. Elizabeth, N.J.Seoul/Elizabeth, NJ, 1991)
      Among six chapters here, the first concerns Animal Tales (15-63). Four of the fourteen tales here seem to me to be fables; each of the first three is illustrated with one black-and-white design. The Rabbit's Judgment ...
    • Unter dem Odongbaum: Koreanische Sagen, Märchen und Fabeln 

      Eckardt, Andre; Franke, Kurt (Im Erich Röth Verlag. Eisenach, 1950)
      One of four sections of this book from the old DDR is devoted to fables: Kwon Kerang: Der Dorfschulmeister: Koreanische Fabeln (100-132). There is a narrative frame-story here of the poor rural schoolmaster telling his ...