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    • Basni 

      Konashevich, Vladimir; Krylov, Ivan Andreevich (Institute of Children's Literature: Izdatielsvo Dietskoy LiteraturyT͡Sentralʹnyĭ komitet vsesoi͡uznogo Leninskogo kommunisticheskogo soi͡uza molodezhi Izd-vo detskoĭ lit-ry,. Moscow/Leningrad, 1937)
      This is one of my best editions of Krilov because of the ten strong full-page colored illustrations. I find illustrations for Quartet (7), The Monkey and the Spectacles (15), Master John's Soup (19), Elephant and Pug (27), ...
    • Iwan Krylow: Russische Fabeln 

      Krylov, Ivan Andreevich (Kairos-Verlag. Baden-Baden, 1949)
      Here is a West German book that appeared soon after World War II. The drawings by Pridöhl are particularly good, I think. They appear with some eleven of the sixty-one fables translated here. Among the best of them, I ...
    • Krilov's Fables in Nine Books (Hebrew) 

      Krylov, Ivan Andreevich; Reicherson, Moses (A. Rosenkrants & M. ShriftzeigerBi-defus A.D. Rozenḳrants u-M.M. Shrifṭzeṭtser. Vilna, 1892)
      This is a Hebrew translation of 201 of Krilov's fables. The Krilov section is 410 pages long and is bound together with William Tell (an additional 138 pages), translated into Hebrew by D. Radner and published in 1882. ...