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    • Fables Choisies 

      La Fontaine, Jean de (Editions Hemma. Chevron-lez-Liège and Paris, 1976)
      There are three types of art in this 48-page pamphlet 8 x 11½ in size. There is a large colored cameo on the front (cardboard) cover. Signed Maury, it is a sentimental picture of a child as the milkmaid whose pitcher has ...
    • Fables Choisies 

      No Author (Editions Hemma. Chevron-lez-Liège and Paris, 1976)
      This book has the same cover as a softbound book by the same publisher, but where that has Série 76/3 and a design of GA on its back cover, this hardbound book has Série 80/3 and three colored scenes: The Father and His ...
    • Mes plus belles Fables 

      La Fontaine, Jean de (Editions LLCSP Le Livre Club: LLC Editions. [S.l.], 2004)
      Au total, plus de 50 fables, admirablement illustrées, qui familiariseront les enfants avec ce genre littéraire si particulier. That is the back cover's marketing description, and it seems accurate to me. The art, which ...