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    • Esop Masallari 

      Aesop; Ergun, Melih; Özkök, Neșe (Ergun Yayinlari. AnkaraArkara, 1993)
      Is Aesop the old wizard-like figure on the cover handling a snake? This book is #44 of the series of 50 listed on the back cover. The lively illustrations are puzzling to me, since I do not immediately recognize the ...
    • La Fontaine'den Secmeler 

      Ergun, Melih; La Fontaine, Jean de; Özkök, Neșe (Ergun Yayinlari. Ankara, 1999)
      The cover of this 96-page paperback sports a colored picture of lion, tiger, monkeys, and mouse enjoying themselves. Morals, which appear frequently, seem to be offset and printed in bold. I find five full-page illustrations ...