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    • Aesop: The Fox and the Stork 

      Svend Otto S; Tate, Joan (Pelham. London, 1985)
      The illustrations are only average watercolors. The best illustrations are of the kid and wolf (7), the old man and death (9), and the fat fox (38). New to me is the story of the Art of Reading (40). There is a ...
    • De Ezel en de hond: 20 fabels van Aesopus 

      Niskos, L.M. (Lemniscaat. Rotterdam, 1987)
      The apparent original publication was done in 1986 Denmark:"Aeslet og hunden: 20 fabler af Aesop." The English version, also in this collection, was done in 1987 by Pelham and called "Aesop: The Donkey and the Dog." As ...