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    • 11 French plates featuring La Fontaine fable scenes produced in Longwy, France 

      Unknown author (1950)
      Each plate has a green line inside an undulating outer edge. At the point of indentation an 1¼" into the plate there is a simple black line. Once the plate reaches its lowest level, a repeated pattern of thin and thick ...
    • Boxed set of six dessert plates "Fables de la Fontaine. 

      Unknown author (1990)
      This lovely set combines busy central images with a uniform "leaf, grape, and vine" decoration around each plate's border. They choose well when they put FC on the cover of the box. My second prize goes to "The Crow Trying ...
    • China plate of "L'Huitre et les Plaideurs" (The Oyster and Litigants) 

      Unknown author (1900)
      The seller guesses a date in the late 1800's or early 1900's. She describes the piece as a vintage porcelain/ceramic plate measuring about 8¼" in diameter. There is a painted pink rim with an embossed floral design. In the ...
    • China plate of Borrowed Feathers 

      Unknown author (1989)
      I had heard that there was a sixth in the series, and a little hunting around the web found Allen's selling it! Now as I try to reduplicate the feat, I cannot! The "eyes" of the peacock feathers stand out brilliantly for ...
    • China plate of The Fox and the Grapes 

      Unknown author (1989)
      Richly colored scene. The fox is perching on a wobbly stool on top of a barrel. Might the whole scene be unnecessarily busy?Included is a brochure presenting the fable's text and commenting on Hampshire's art.
    • China plate of The Lion and the Mouse 

      Unknown author (1989)
      The mouse holds two ends of a split rope triumphantly in his paws. The lion is in the process of springing free from the net as a whole.The box and certificate have suffered water damage, but it seems not to have affected ...
    • China plate of The Milkmaid 

      Unknown author (1989)
      Hampshire tends to work in a Rockwellian mode.Here the pretty dirndled maid sits with bowed legs and a flower drooping from her hands. Chicks swim in the milk, and the cat approaches to drink some. A goat nuzzles up to ...
    • China plate of The Tortoise and the Hare 

      Unknown author (1988)
      The tortoise approaches us in victory and is just reaching the finish ribbon held by a frog and a squirrel. The rabbit looks on in surprise from behind the tortoise. Richly colored! Included is a brochure presenting the ...
    • China plate of The Tortoise and the Hare by Richard Ginori, Italy 

      Unknown author (1960)
      This delightful plate is inscribed in a delicate longhand on its back "Le Lièvre et la Tortue." The front of the plate is unadorned except for the rendering of the finish line of The Tortoise and the Hare after J.J. ...
    • Faience plate 8" in diameter 

      Unknown author (1900)
      This plate features, in its side panels, the backs of two men. One seems a prosperous farmer with mounds of hay nearby. The other has poorer clothing and strides away with a walking stick carrying something -- an instrument ...
    • Faience plate 8" in diameter showing three scenes depicting "Le Fou qui Vend la Sagesse. 

      Unknown author (1900)
      The madman offers wisdom for a price, and gives those who pay a slap and a piece of thread two ells long. In this strange and wonderful story (La Fontaine IX 8), the first result is that we should not try to make sense of ...
    • Faience plate 8" in diameter showing three scenes depicting "Le Loup et le Chien" (The Dog and the Wolf). 

      Unknown author (1900)
      The smaller pictures on the upper left and lower right picture the chained dog and the departing wolf, respectively. The central picture portrays a thin, poorly clad man with his stick and satchel taking his leave from a ...
    • Faience plate 8" in diameter showing three scenes depicting "Le Rat qui s'est Retiré du Monde" (The Rat Which Retired the World). 

      Unknown author (1900)
      This sad story is of the religious hermit-rat who moves into a cheese to live and turns down his fellows when they, under attack, come asking for help (La Fontaine VII 3). He offers them a blessing and says that he, separated ...
    • Faïencerie Nouvelle, Givors, France 

      Unknown author (1920)
      1. The Fox and the Grapes shows a very pretty design in blue, green, and brown. The blue grapes are nicely distinct from the green leaves around them. A trellis to the right suggests that some things or persons can get up ...
    • Franklin Porcelain miniature plate 

      Unknown author (1982)
      The rim around the circumference of this 3¼" miniature plate is done in a dove pattern trimmed in 24K gold. The inside 2" circle shows the two mice enjoying fruits.
    • Le Lièvre et la Tortue: Jean de la Fontaine (The Tortoise and the Hare: Jean de la Fontaine) 

      Unknown author (1970)
      This very pretty and active design has the the hare starting up in a cloud of smoke in a desperate effort to catch the tortoise ahead of him. He's clothed in a blouse, sash, trousers (with a hole for his tail), socks and ...
    • One ABC plate 6¾" in diameter 

      Unknown author (1900)
      The plate presents the phase in this story in which both father and son ride on the ass. Clouds, trees, fields, rocks, and a path are visible. I am surprised that this motif would be taken up on a child's alphabet plate.
    • One ABC plate 7?" in diameter 

      Unknown author (1880)
      A curious feature of this ABC plate is that there are three areas of green leaves and an area of blue flowers, but otherwise there is no color. Neither animal has any color. The leopard suffers from the regular problem of ...
    • One ABC plate 7¼" in diameter 

      Unknown author (1880)
      There are three areas of green leaves on trees and an area of blue flowers on the ground. The absentee friend climbing the tree is also colored blue. Is it surprising that neither the bear nor the prostrate man has color? ...