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    • One ABC plate 6¾" in diameter 

      Unknown author (1900)
      The plate presents the phase in this story in which both father and son ride on the ass. Clouds, trees, fields, rocks, and a path are visible. I am surprised that this motif would be taken up on a child's alphabet plate.
    • One ABC plate 7?" in diameter 

      Unknown author (1880)
      A curious feature of this ABC plate is that there are three areas of green leaves and an area of blue flowers, but otherwise there is no color. Neither animal has any color. The leopard suffers from the regular problem of ...
    • One ABC plate 7¼" in diameter 

      Unknown author (1880)
      There are three areas of green leaves on trees and an area of blue flowers on the ground. The absentee friend climbing the tree is also colored blue. Is it surprising that neither the bear nor the prostrate man has color? ...
    • One badly damaged and clumsily repaired ABC plate 7½" in diameter 

      Unknown author (1880)
      I have seen ABC plates on Ebay and hoped to land one, but they have been very expensive. Finding a broken one was my lucky way to beat that problem! Someone e-mailed Ms Levine during the auction with the information that ...
    • Repaired ABC plate 7½" in diameter. 

      Unknown author (1880)
      Here is a much better exemplar than the plate I had found earlier. The colored design in the middle is very well preserved. Repairs have been made to reinstate a smaller piece from about 10 and 11 o'clock and a larger piece ...