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    • Game fables or tales of LaFontaine put into action. 

      Unknown author (1815)
      This set includes a small oblong booklet with fifteen of La Fontaine's fables and a concluding set of as many pictures. These latter give the pattern for use of a postcard-sized background-board with several small pocket-like ...
    • Hare and Tortoise" game 

      Unknown author (2000)
      Here is an unopened race game with the cellophane wrap still intact. The bottom of the box announces proudly that in 1979, "Hare and Tortoise" was chosen as the first "Spiel des Jahres" winner. The hare on the cover features ...
    • Il gioco delle favole (The Fable Game) by Enzo Mari 

      Unknown author (1965)
      Six larger (slightly over 6" x 12") cards with all the figures from the second variant, now done with lively color. The cards again have traditional characters together, like the fox paired with both the crow and the stork ...
    • Il gioco delle favole (The Fable Game) by Enzo Mari 

      Unknown author (1965)
      Twelve interlocking cards often with traditional combinations of characters on the same card (FC, OF, TH, WL). Obverse and verso of each card are mirror-symmetrical.
    • Il gioco delle favole (The Fable Game) by Enzo Mari. Mantua: Corraini 

      Unknown author (1965)
      This latest edition seems identical with the Fourth Variant from 1985. Corraini did their first edition in 2004. This is their third impression from 2007. My, the price has gone up!
    • Loto des Fables de LaFontaine. 

      Unknown author (1860)
      The upper 2½" of each card is taken up with a good rendition after Grandville of an individual fable illustration over a block-print title. The lower 4¼.." is taken up with La Fontaine's text and three columns of bingo-like ...
    • The Tortoise and the Hare" game 

      Unknown author (1978)
      This seems to be a simple game. The large stiff playing board includes a circular track, with a plastic ledge to insert as its inside rail. The wind-up tortoise moves around in a clockwise circular fashion to land on various ...
    • Tortoise and Hare Checkers Board Game 

      Unknown author (1980)
      I should have expected that someone would create a tortoises versus hares checkers game! This is a heavy set of pieces. The board has nice raised tortoise and hare motifs around its border, while the base has two sides ...
    • Williamsburg Wooden Checkers 

      Unknown author (1750)
      In these replicas of eighteenth-century wooden checkers, the black pieces may well illustrate the story of the stag whose antlers got caught in the trees. The "browns" certainly illustrate MSA. Notice the miller and son ...