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    • 3 Aesop's Fables Puzzles 

      Unknown author (1958)
      Each of three thirty-piece puzzles includes a printed fable as part of its picture: LM, TH, and FC. I knew there had to be some old picture puzzles out there, and this is the first that I found.
    • Aesop's Fables Picture Puzzle 

      Unknown author (1931)
      Three twelve-piece puzzles: GGE, "The Squealing Pig," and TH. The style of the pictures reminds me of Milo Winter's work. The puzzles are complete but slightly warped. What a great find!
    • Ed-U-Cards Junior Classics Picture Puzzle: "The Raven and the Swan. 

      Unknown author (1975)
      The picture is rather simple and static: a swan and raven face each other. The artist's signature seems to be either "Alihi" or "Aliki."
    • FC. "Aptitude Tested Puzzle of 20 Pieces. For Ages 4 to 8. 

      Unknown author (1958)
      Many of the pieces of this puzzle are identifiable objects. In fact, if you look in the illustration, you can find an automobile. I find it curious that now that I have finally found three picture puzzles of fables, two ...
    • Le Lièvre et la Tortue 

      Unknown author (1950)
      There is a pleasant "finish of the race" scene on the cover of this oblong portrait-formatted box. It is signed by "collet." I have not tried the puzzle yet. Sorry!
    • Le Lièvre et la Tortue. Les Fables de la Fontaine 

      Unknown author (1988)
      Perhaps the most memorable feature of the picture here is that the tortoise is sweating!
    • Les Fables de Roland: Les Animaux d'Esope. Roland's Fables: Aesop's Animals 

      Unknown author (2009)
      With this book of six puzzles, learn to read while having fun." This "livre-puzzle" offers three Aesopic fables related through pages six of which are picture puzzles. Under the "puzzle" section of this catalogue, I offer ...
    • Playskool TH puzzle 

      Unknown author (1970)
      I remember this sort of puzzle fondly from my childhood. A heavy back supports the cut-out outline of the upper level of the puzzle. The large pieces fit right in. This simple puzzle pictures a very happy tortoise! For ...
    • Walt Disney Character Jaymar Heavy Board Jigsaw Puzzle for Tiny Tots 

      Unknown author (1946)
      The scene is the finish line, with the tortoise stretching out his head�in fact past the corner of the box! The finished puzzle is 19" x 14" and includes about 54 pieces, all of which I can attest are present. It was fun ...