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    • Creighton University Window Spring 1993 

      Kenny, Mary; Vaughn, Pamela A.; Guthrie, Robert U.; Donahue, Louise (Creighton University. Omaha, NE, 1993)
      THE PEPTIDE MESSENGERS: CHEMICAL THAT GIVE YOU ENERGY, LOVE... MORE / PEPTIDES: THE CHEMICALS OF YOUR LIFE AND FEELINGS | Mary Kenny tells you about the chemicals in your body that send messages to guide your emotions as ...
    • Creighton University Window Winter 1992-1993 

      Donahue, Louise; Burbach, Barbara; Reilly, Robert T.; McMahan, Tim (Creighton University. Omaha, NE, 1992)
      ETHNIC WAR: HATRED TAKES SIDES | Louise Donahue interviews Creighton professors in various disciplines about the horror of the ethnic war in the former Yugoslavia. Page 4