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    • Creighton University Window Fall 1984 

      Lawler, Michael G.; Guthrie, Robert U.; Andrews, Richard V. (Creighton UniversityOmaha, NE, 1984)
      DIVORCE AND REMARRIAGE IN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH | With some 30 percent of Roman Catholic marriages ending in civil divorce, Michael G. Lawler, Ph.D., professor of theology at Creighton, looks at the clash of reality and ...
    • Creighton University Window Winter 1984-1985 

      Collins, Leslie; Kenney, Emmet; Scott, John M., S.J.; Dolphin, Harry (Creighton UniversityOmaha, NE, 1984)
      STUDENT VOLUNTEERS WALK IN PATH OF JESUS / CREIGHTON STUDENT VOLUNTEERS WALKING IN THE PATH OF JESUS | Some 200 students at Creighton University spend many hours each week giving of themselves to less fortunate fellow human ...
    • Creighton University Window Spring 1985 

      Sketch, Michael H.; Kizer, William M.; Doll, Donald A., S. J.; Kline, Stephen T. (Creighton UniversityOmaha, NE, 1985)
      FIGHTING HEART DISEASE: A CHOICE: BYPASS OR ANGIOPLASTY / FOR HIM, ANGIOPLASTY IS AFFAIR OF THE HEART | Cardiologist Dr. Michael Sketch explains angioplasty and Omaha Mayor Mike Boyle describes his encounter with death and ...
    • Creighton University Window Summer 1985 

      Koza, Patricia A.; Flecky, Michael, S.J.; Boe, Kathryn L.; Nota, John H., S.J. (Creighton UniversityOmaha, NE, 1985)
      EDITH STEIN "EVIL HAS NEVER THE FINAL WORD" / IS HER PATH TO SAINTHOOD VIA HELL OF AUSCHWITZ? | The dramatic story of Edith Stein, who is being considered for sainthood, unfolds through the remembrances of Rev. John H. ...
    • Creighton University Window Fall 1985 

      Guthrie, Robert U.; Vakulskas Rosmann, Maria; Brannen, Kathleen C.; Brannen, William H.; Banville, Guy R.; Kline, Stephen T. (Creighton UniversityOmaha, NE, 1985)
      THE KNOTTY FARM PROBLEM / THE FARM CRISIS THROUGH THE EXPERTS' EYES | Dr. Herbert Funk, Creighton's own agriculture expert, Hugh Tinley, who heads the nation's top farm management company, and an alumna farmer look at the ...
    • Creighton University Window Winter 1985-1986 

      Vaughn, Pamela A.; Doll, Donald A., S. J.; McGinley, Maureen F.; Le Beau, Bryan F. (Creighton UniversityOmaha, NE, 1985)
      'BETWEEN-AGER' SHIFTING ROLES: MID-AGE CHILDREN CARING FOR PARENTS / CHILDREN THEY CARED FOR NOW CARE FOR PARENTS | More parents are living into their 80's, and in 95 percent of the cases the children they took care of now ...
    • Creighton University Window Summer 1986 

      Clark, Nancy; Webb, Martha Ellen; O'Connell, Patrick J.; Guthrie, Robert U.; Veenis-Kline, Stephen (Creighton UniversityOmaha, NE, 1986)
      THE NURSE TOMORROW 'NIGHTINGLALES' FACE CHANGES / AS EDUCATION LEVEL RISES, NURSES GET READY FOR THE '90S | Nursing is expected to need hundreds of thousands more people, with higher levels of education in the coming decade. ...
    • Creighton University Window Fall 1986 

      Wise, Kenneth L.; Reasoner, Michael J.; Marcil, Michael J.; Guthrie, Robert U.; Thomas, Kathryn A. (Creighton UniversityOmaha, NE, 1986)
      IN THE CORRIDORS OF POWER / FOREIGN POLICY, FROM THE INSIDE; A PROF GOES TO D.C ./ | Dr. Kenneth Wise tells you what life among the policymakers is like. The professor spends time in Washington, questioning, advising, ...
    • Creighton University Window Winter 1986-1987 

      Daly, John P., S.J.; Guthrie, Robert U.; Schlesinger, Allen B.; Schultenover, David G., S.J. (Creighton UniversityOmaha, NE, 1986)
      THE JESUITS: 400 YEARS IN CHINA / FOR FOUR CENTURIES, JESUITS HAVE TAKEN MISSION TO CHINA | Creighton becomes the latest Jesuit link to China with the signing of an agreement with Northwest University in Xian. See Fr. ...
    • Creighton University Window Spring 1987 

      Guthrie, Robert U.; Bond, Kenneth M.; Daugherty, Robert B.; Hauser, Richard J., S.J.; Douglas, Arthur V. (Creighton UniversityOmaha, NE, 1987)
      A CENTURY ON CAMPUS: ST. JOHN'S GREW WITH CREIGHTON / THE LITTLE COLLEGE CHAPEL THAT BECAME ST. JOHN'S IS 100 | In its century on the Creighton campus, St. John's Church has seen more than 4,200 weddings, and it has grown ...
    • Creighton University Window Summer 1987 

      Shugrue, Richard E.; Schultenover, David G., S.J.; Kruse, Monte L.; Tamisiea, Paul E. (Creighton UniversityOmaha, NE, 1987)
    • Creighton University Window Fall 1987 

      Vaughn, Pamela A.; McQuillan, Robert J.; Foley, Theresa S.; Cunningham Jr., William F. (Creighton UniversityOmaha, NE, 1987)
      PHILIP KLUTZNICK: WORLD CLASS CREIGHTONIAN 'STARTED' ON WEST DODGE / PHILIP KLUTZNICK: RENAISSANCE MAN, ENVOY, DEVELOPER | Philip M. Klutznick, at 80, can look back on a life filled with public service and great business ...
    • Creighton University Window Winter 1987-1988 

      Guthrie, Robert U.; Haley, Mary Alice, Sr.; Graff, Todd A.; Vaughn, Pamela A. (Creighton UniversityOmaha, NE, 1987)
      AIDS: MYTHS AND TRUTHS / QUESTIONS, ANSWERS ABOUT AIDS, PLUS GLIMMER OF HOPE | Photos from a Chicago AIDS house accompany Dr. Marvin Bittner's question-and-answer story. Mother Teresa and others add hope and compassion. Page 4
    • Creighton University Window Spring 1988 

      Veenis-Kline, Stephen; Stanton, Nancy L.; Callone, Patricia R.; Guthrie, Robert U. (Creighton UniversityOmaha, NE, 1988)
      HOME / BUSY CREIGHTON STUDENT TAKES TIME FOR HOMELESS | Busy medical student Bob King makes 60 hours a week of his time available to Omaha's homeless. He says he learns from those he seeks to help. Page 4.
    • Creighton University Window Summer 1988 

      Reichmuth, Roland J., S.J.; Niebauer, Tim; Guthrie, Robert U.; Haber, David (Creighton UniversityOmaha, NE, 1988)
      CAMPUS / THE CAMPUS OF 1988: CHANGES LIKE THE 60S | Not for some 20 years have there been so many changes to the face of the Creighton campus. Aerial photos, maps, the whole story starts on Page 4.
    • Creighton University Window Fall 1988 

      Dieckman, Suzanne; Clark, Nancy; Stockhausen, Gerard L., S.J.; Cameron, Sr. Muriel (Creighton UniversityOmaha, NE, 1988)
      PLAYING MANY PARTS / THEATER A LIVELY ART AT CREIGHTON UNIVERSITY | Dr. Suzanne Dieckman and student Yuri Trembath tell you what's happening in Creighton University theater, while George Drance looks at Jesuit roles. Page 3.
    • Creighton University Window Spring 1989 

      Guthre, Robert U.; Murphy, Joseph P.; Parks, Anne Weinlader; Hackerott, Ann (Creighton UniversityOmaha, NE, 1989)
      CREIGHTON STUDENTS IN HIGH-TECH GENETICS / THE SPLICE OF LIFE MOLECULAR BIOLOGY | Creighton undergraduate students in biology are studying genetic technology at the "leading edge." They cut, splice genes in the lab. Page 4.
    • Creighton University Window Summer 1989 

      Spenner, Kenneth I.; Waters, Rev. Leonard A., S.J.; Lawler, Michael; Clark, N. Kathryn (Creighton UniversityOmaha, NE, 1989)
      RESTRUCTURING: GORBACHEV'S RUSSIA: DRAMATIC TIMES / EYEWITNESS TO DRAMATIC CHANGES IN NEW RUSSIA | Sociologist Kenneth Spenner gives a gripping account of the dramatic changes wrought by perestroika. Page 4.
    • Creighton University Window Fall 1989 

      Brown, Kate; Hackerott, Ann; Vaughn, Pamela; Mihelich, Dennis N.; Leahy, William P., S.J. (Creighton UniversityOmaha, NE, 1989)
      CHINA: A RIPPLE OCCURS IN AN ANCIENT SOCIETY'S LONG RIVER OF TIME / DR. BROWN GLIMPSES A CHANGING CHINA | Dr. Kate Brown went to China for a vacation, and found herself in the midst of the student protest. Page 4.
    • Creighton University Window Winter 1989-90 

      Hackerott, Ann; Malina, Bruce J.; Darst Williams, Susan; Reilly, Robert T. (Creighton UniversityOmaha, NE, 1989)
      JENNY: WHEN LOVE SPEAKS / JENNY IS AN ACHIEVER, IT'S A FAMILIAL TRAIT | Jenny Pavlik's remarkable story illustrates the gifts of an equally remarkable and generous family. Page 4.