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    • Creighton University Window Fall 1989 

      Brown, Kate; Hackerott, Ann; Vaughn, Pamela; Mihelich, Dennis N.; Leahy, William P., S.J. (Creighton UniversityOmaha, NE, 1989)
      CHINA: A RIPPLE OCCURS IN AN ANCIENT SOCIETY'S LONG RIVER OF TIME / DR. BROWN GLIMPSES A CHANGING CHINA | Dr. Kate Brown went to China for a vacation, and found herself in the midst of the student protest. Page 4.
    • Creighton University Window Spring 1989 

      Guthre, Robert U.; Murphy, Joseph P.; Parks, Anne Weinlader; Hackerott, Ann (Creighton UniversityOmaha, NE, 1989)
      CREIGHTON STUDENTS IN HIGH-TECH GENETICS / THE SPLICE OF LIFE MOLECULAR BIOLOGY | Creighton undergraduate students in biology are studying genetic technology at the "leading edge." They cut, splice genes in the lab. Page 4.
    • Creighton University Window Winter 1989-90 

      Hackerott, Ann; Malina, Bruce J.; Darst Williams, Susan; Reilly, Robert T. (Creighton UniversityOmaha, NE, 1989)
      JENNY: WHEN LOVE SPEAKS / JENNY IS AN ACHIEVER, IT'S A FAMILIAL TRAIT | Jenny Pavlik's remarkable story illustrates the gifts of an equally remarkable and generous family. Page 4.