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    • Creighton University Window Spring 1988 

      Veenis-Kline, Stephen; Stanton, Nancy L.; Callone, Patricia R.; Guthrie, Robert U. (Creighton UniversityOmaha, NE, 1988)
      HOME / BUSY CREIGHTON STUDENT TAKES TIME FOR HOMELESS | Busy medical student Bob King makes 60 hours a week of his time available to Omaha's homeless. He says he learns from those he seeks to help. Page 4.
    • Creighton University Window Summer 1986 

      Clark, Nancy; Webb, Martha Ellen; O'Connell, Patrick J.; Guthrie, Robert U.; Veenis-Kline, Stephen (Creighton UniversityOmaha, NE, 1986)
      THE NURSE TOMORROW 'NIGHTINGLALES' FACE CHANGES / AS EDUCATION LEVEL RISES, NURSES GET READY FOR THE '90S | Nursing is expected to need hundreds of thousands more people, with higher levels of education in the coming decade. ...