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    • Examination of a witness based on a prior statement 

      Kenneth J. Melilli, Examination of a Witness Based on a Prior Statement, in 49 Am Jur Trials 501 (1994).
    • Witness preparation 

      Kenneth J. Melilli, Witness Preparation, in 61 Am Jur Trials 269 (1996).
    • Inapplicability of traditional tort analysis to environmental rists: The example of toxic waste pollution victim compensation 

      Palma J. Strand, Note, The Inapplicability of Traditional Tort Analysis to Environmental Risks: The Example of Toxic Waste Pollution Victim Compensation, 35 Stan. L. Rev. 575 (1983).
      Toxic waste disposal injuries are fundamentally different - in the time lag between disposal and injury and in the indeterminacy of causation of the injury - from the immediate, individualized wrongs for which tort law ...
    • School climate 

      Palma Strand & Melinda Patrician, School Climate, Educ. Wk., June 13, 2001, at 38.
      The hot-button issue of the gaps in achievement in education between white students on the one hand and black and Latino students on the other has multiple aspects: tracking; enrollment in accelerated classes; referral to ...
    • Arlington's changing story: civic engagement in Arlington County, Virginia 

      Melinda D. Patrician & Palma J. Strand, Arlington's Changing Story: Civic Engagement in Arlington County, Virginia (2003).
      This report describes an assessment of civic engagement practices in Arlington County, Virginia - the processes, the results, and the themes that emerged. The report also contains recommendations for improving these practices ...
    • Civic engagement: A guide for communities 

      Palma J. Strand & Melinda D. Patrician, Civic Engagement: A Guide for Communities (2006).
      Civic engagement is a healthy way to solve problems, is good for community leaders, and is worth the inconvenience or bother that might be encountered along the way. The guide to civic engagement is neither an in-depth ...
    • Forced to bowl alone? 

      Palma J. Strand, Forced to Bowl Alone? Nation, Feb. 10, 2003, at 25 (reviewing Matthew A. Crenson & Benjamin Ginsberg, Downsizing Democracy: How America Sidelined Its Citizens and Privatized Its Public (2002)).
      The state of civic participation in the U.S. is the subject of much hand-wringing. The lament is generally that citizens are withdrawn - that civic life is less vibrant than it once was and should be. This book review ...
    • East Palo Alto: A community divided 

      Palma J. Strand, Note, East Palo Alto: A Community Divided, 4 Stan. Env. L. Ann. 119 (1982).
      East Palo Alto is an anomaly in the Mid-Peninsula. The community houses a primarily minority and low-income population. The economic miracle which brought development and tax revenues to the rest of the Silicon Valley has ...
    • Gaining on the gap: Changing hearts, minds, and practice 

      Robert G. Smith, Alvin L. Crawley, Cheryl Robinson, Timothy Cotman Jr., Marty Swaim & Palma Strand, Gaining on the Gap: Changing Hearts, Minds, and Practice (2011).
    • Elementary school team five years later 

      Palma Strand & Carol Skelly, Elementary School Team Five Years Later, Spotlight on Arlington Schools, June 1999.
    • Character evidence rule revisited 

      Kenneth J. Melilli, The Character Evidence Rule Revisited, 1998 BYU L. Rev. 1547.
    • Batson in Practice: What we have learned about Batson and peremptory challenges 

      Kenneth J. Melilli, Batson in Practice: What We Have Learned About Batson and Peremptory Challenges, 71 Notre Dame L. Rev. 447 (1996).
      In the years since the Batson v. Kentucky, 106 S. Ct. 1712 (1986) decision was handed down, a number of developments have occurred. First, the Court has expanded the application of Batson beyond its original sphere and ...
    • Objecting and responding effectively 

      Kenneth J. Melilli, Objecting and Responding Effectively, 23 Am. J. Trial Advoc. 559 (2000), reprinted in 49 Def. L.J. 745 (2000).
    • Maintaining autonomy through planning 

      Catherine M. Mahern, Maintaining Autonomy Through Planning, 50 Tex. B.J. 482 (1987).
    • Benefits for senior Texans 

      Catherine M. Mahern, Benefits for Senior Texans, 50 Tex. B.J. 502 (1987).
    • Loving and Loving: Eroding the Stance of Other 

      Palma Joy Strand, Loving and Loving: Eroding the Stance of Other, 50 Creighton L. Rev. 621 (2017).
      Race as a social construct has the core function of "other"ing. Loving v. Virginia erodes the stance of "other," both for those in interracial marriages and relationships and those who are multiracial or mixed. The social ...
    • 50 years of loving: A reflection on seeking justice through love and relationships 

      Nicholas A. Mirkay, 50 Years of Loving: A Reflection on Seeking Justice Through Love and Relationships, 50 Creighton L. Rev. 685 (2017).
    • Reflections on the Loving conference: Race, identity, community, and conflict 

      Bernard Mayer, Reflections on the Loving Conference: Race, Identity, Community, and Conflict, 50 Creighton L. Rev. 745 (2017).
    • Personal reflection on 50 years of Loving: Creating spaces of differences by demanding "The right to opacity" 

      Jacqueline N. Font- Guzmán, Personal Reflection on 50 Years of Loving: Creating Spaces of Differences by Demanding “The Right to Opacity,” 50 Creighton L. Rev. 637 (2017).
    • 50 Years of Loving: Seeking Justice Through Love and Relationships 

      Palma Joy Strand, 50 Years of Loving: Seeking Justice Through Love and Relationships, 50 Creighton L. Rev. 617 (2017) (symposium introduction).