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    • Nicaraguan - U.S. Realtions 

      Espinoza, Ricardo (1986)
      SUMMARY| He touched salient points of the history of the relations of our two countries, current policy frictions, the aircraft downing, and his wishes for improvement in our relations.
    • Origins and Future of U.S. Strategy 

      Chain, John T. (1987)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|General Chain was born Dec. 11, 1934 in Wilmington, Del. He attended high school at Fork Union Military Academy, Va. He graduated from Denison University, Granville, Ohio, in 1956 with a bachelor of arts ...
    • Peace Corps 

      Ruppee, Loret MIller (1985)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Loret Miller Ruppee had been Director of the Peace Corps since 1981. As Director she has travelled in many of the sixty countries that the Peace Corps served at that time. She is responsible for establishing ...
    • Politics and Development in Ethiopia: Past and Present 

      Wolde, Goshu (1988)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Mr. Goshu has recieved various degrees from Yale University and Addis Ababa University. He has held positions such as Minister of Education of Ethiopia; Chairman of the National Literacy Campaign; Chairman ...
    • Present International Problems 

      Kanakaratne, Neville (1972)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Kanakaratne was born July 19, 1923. He has a M.A. from University of Cambridge and also attended Barrister-at-Law and was an advocate of the Supreme Court of Ceylon. In March of 1961, Kanakaratne joined ...
    • Prospects For Political Developments in the Philippines 

      Tatad, Francisco S. (1985)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Tatad was the principal co-author, 1984 constitutional amendment reestablishing succession to the Philippine Presidency by creating the Office of Vice-President. He was also the author, 1984 constitutional ...
    • Prospects For U.S.-China Relations 

      Anderson, Donald (1984)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Mr. Anderson had been a Foreign Service Officer since 1958 after completing his Army service. He has served in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and as a translater in Warsaw for the ambassadorial talks between the US ...
    • Report on the CFR Visit to the USSR 

      Wise, Kenneth L. (1988)
      SUMMARY| He covered perestroika and actual and potential changes under glasnost and demokratizayatsia.
    • Reviving Farm Exports: Political Dos and Don'ts 

      Paarlberg, Robert L. (1988)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Robert L. Paarlberg was an Associate Professor of political science at Wellesley College and an Associate at the Harvard Center for International Affairs. He holds a Ph.D. from Harvard University and an ...
    • A Role for the United States in Searching for Middleast Peace 

      Saunders, Harold (1987)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|From 1978 to 1981 Saunders served as the Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs. He has also served with the National Security Council and was intimatley involved in the ...
    • Romania's Foreign Policy: A Nuisance for the West? 

      Gabanyi, Anneli Ute (1987)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Anneli Gabanyi was born in Bucharest, and attended Cluj University in Romania, studying English and Romanian philology. At Clermont-Ferrand University in Auvergne, France, she earned a certificate in ...
    • South Africa and the Front Line States 

      Whitaker, Jennifer (1987)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Ms. Whitaker, starting in 1983, became Co-Director, Committee on African Development Strategies. A group of American leaders formed to affect US policy toward African development, the Committee has engaged ...
    • The Stability of Europe: NATO and Europe in 1992 

      Beach, Sir Hugh (1989)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|During his distinguished military career Sir Beach served in France, South and Southeast Asia, and Germany. He is an Honorary Fellow of Peterhouse of Cambridge University, graduate of Winchester College, ...
    • Star Wars and National Security 

      Bowman, Robert M. (1985)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Some of Bowman's previous positions were Deputy Director of Ballistic Systems and Head of the Aeronautical Engineering Department and Assistant Dean at the Air Force Institute of Technology, where he ...
    • Thinking About Nuclear Weapons 

      Lee, John Marshall (1984)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|A member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Admiral Lee held sea assignments until 1959. Then in succession, he was the director of politico-military policy in the Office of Chief of Naval Operations, ...
    • Trends In NATO and The Warsaw Pact Since The Summit 

      Zic, Zoran (1986)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Dr. Zic was a research Associate at the Institute of International Politics and Economics in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. For the remainder of the 1985 academic year, he held a fellowship at the Institute for ...
    • U.S. Policy on Terrorism 

      Makovsky, Alan (1986)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Alan Makovsky was a Middle East expert working at the US Department of State, where he was an intelligence analyst with responsibility for Palestinian affairs in the Bureau of Intelligence and Research. ...
    • U.S. Stake in Latin America 

      Lowenthal, Abraham (1987)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Dr. Lowenthal is a professor of international relations at the University of Southern California, was the founding director of the Latin American Program at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for ...
    • US and South African Relations 

      Lotz, William (1986)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|He joined the African Institute of South Africa as a researcher, and in his position, was involved in various aspects of development assistance and development projects in Lesotho, Swaziland, Southwest ...