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    • 1 - Negotiating with the Soviets. 2 - Projection of Nixon's Next Four Years - Power v. Cooperation 

      Perry, Jack (1972)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Prior to his noted position, Perry had been Deputy Officer in charge of Soviet Affairs in the Bureau of European Affairs in the Department of State. Mr. Perry had been with the Department of State since ...
    • The Arabs and Prospects for a Middle East Settlement 

      Polk, William R. (1974)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Dr. Polk has degrees from Harvard and Oxford Universities among othersIn 1961-65 Dr. Polk was in Washington, D.C., as a member of the Policy Planning Council, Department of State.
    • Britian and Europe 

      Unwin, Peter W. (1969)
      ANNECDOTE| Peter Unwin helped teach me that "Information Officers," government mouthpieces, care little for analysis or expanding our thinking. They may be useful in giving one-off answers to news media questions that ...
    • China's Reforms and Changing Ways of Thinking 

      Zhao, Jinglun (1985)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Born in Suzhou, China, in 1923, Mr. Zhao was a student and teacher of economics in China before doing graduate work at Vanderbilt and Harvard between 1948 and 1950. Between 1951 and 1980 he was a journalist ...
    • Current Developments in Yugoslavia's Domestic and Foreign Politics 

      Belovski, Dimce (1974)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Ambassador Belovski was educated as an attorney and took an active part in the National Liberation War of 1941-45. He held important political and military positions during and following the war. These ...
    • Experience as a Foreign Correspondent in Washington, D.C. 

      Reifenberg, Jan (1982)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|A graduate of Freiburg. Dr. Reifenberg has done post-graduate studies at Georgetown. He has worked on the bu-monthly "Die Gegenwart", was a member of the foreign affairs staff of the German News Agancy, ...
    • Ireland Today 

      Caniffe, Liam (1984)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Liam Canniffe was born in Bandon, Co. Cork, 1944 and educated at Hamilton High School in Co. Cork as well as the University College Dublin. During his career Canniffe worked in the Department of Finance, ...
    • The Middleast Crises 

      Spiers, Ronald I. (1984)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Mr. Spiers entered Government service in 1950 as a Foreign Affairs Analyst in the US Atomic Energy Commission. In 1955 he joined the Foreign Service and was assigned to the Bureau of International ...
    • Politics of South Africa 

      Fick. E.M.C. (1975)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|In 1955 he joined the Shell Company of South Africa as an Executive Trainee. In 1957, he returned to the practice of Law and enrolled as Attorney and Notary Public. 1964, became partner in the firm of ...
    • Shaping the Future Together: The UN, The US, and We The People 

      Cannon, R. Carroll (1984)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Dr. Cannon has participated in U.N. global conferences on human settlements, population, women, science and technology, and transnational corporations in the global economy.
    • Southern Africa: Revolutionary Changes 

      Mahomo, Nana (1971)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Mr. Mohomo was born at Johannesburg in 1930, read law at the University of Cape Town and at Grays Inn, London, and undertook post-graduate studies at MIT, obtaining a master's degree in political science ...
    • West Africa: Conditions and Prospects 

      Morgan, George A. (1969)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Born December 2, 1905 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The ambassador's professional and foreign service expirience has been varied indeed. He has been on the faculties of Harvard, Hamilton, and Duke universities, ...