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    • Egyptian Policy and the Middleast 

      Basheer, Tahseen (1986)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Ambassador Basheer has his B.S. in political economy from the University of Alexandria and his M.A. in political economy from Harvard University. He has done additional graduate work at Princeton. The ...
    • The Future of US - Philippine Relations 

      Jose, S. Francisco Sionil (1971)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Jose was born December 3, 1924. From 1946-1949 he was educated at the College of Philosophy and Letters and the University of Santo Tomas in Manila. Jose has held positions such as Associate Editor (1949-57) ...
    • The Great Power Cooperation and the Political Role of the United Nations 

      Belovsov, Mikhail (1970)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Last minute substitute for Vladimir Petrovsky of same rank in UN.
    • The Great Triangle: Washington, Moscow, Peking 

      Mehnert, Klaus (1975)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Born October 10. 1906, of German parents in Moscow Russia. Moved to Germany in 1914, PhD at University of Berlin, 1928. Exchange student at the University of California, Berkeley 1928-29. Editor Osteuropa ...
    • A Middleast Settlement: Prospects for Peace? 

      Argov, Shlomo (1975)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Between 1950 and 1955, Mr. Argov attended Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. and the London School of Economics. From 1955-1959 Mr. Argov was on the staff of the Prime Minister's Office in Jerusalem. ...
    • NATO, Greece, Turkey, and the Cyprus Problem 

      Popper, David H. (1971)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Born in New York City in 1912, he took his A.B and A.M. at Harvard University. Before becoming US Ambassador to Cyprus in May 1969, Ambassador Popper was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State in the Bureau ...
    • Pakistan's Foreign Policy 

      Khan, Sultan Muhammad (1972)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Mr. Sultan Muhammad Khan was educated at the Allahabad University and commissioned in the Indian Army in 1942, where he served in different assignments in the Far-East. At the end of the War in 1946, he ...
    • Political-Military Relationships in the Middle East 

      Schweitzer, Avram (1974)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Born in Hungary, Mr. Schweitzer moved to Israel in 1946. From 1949 to 1955 he was a Treasury economist in the Tel Aviv and has since been with Haaretz, first as an economic editor, and then as a senior ...
    • Politics in Australia: Effects on US-Australian Relations 

      Laase, Paul (1983)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Paul L. Laase, b. September 6, 1932, in Hastings, NE. Education at the University of Nebraska, graduation in 1954, attended the Nobel Institute in Oslo, Norway on a Fulbright Scholarship. 1st Lt. in the ...
    • The Problems of the Persian Gulf 

      Laingen, L. Bruce (1984)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Following WWII naval service and degrees from St. Olaf College and the University of Minnesota, Laingen entered U.S. Foreign Service which included a postings in Iran 1953-1956. Other postings in SW and ...
    • Relations Between East and West Germany 

      Van Voorst, Bruce (1971)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Starting in 1962, Mr. Van Voorst's assignments have taken him to and involved him in foreign affairs reporting in our capital, Cyprus, Kenya, the 1964 Panama riots, every country of Latin America - twice, ...
    • The Relations of the United States and China 

      Shen, James C. H. (1974)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Born in Shanghai in 1909, Mr. Shen earned his B.A. in journalism from Yenching University in 1932, and got his M.A. from MIssouri's School of Journalism in 1935. He wroked for the China Press and was ...
    • Romanian - United States Relations 

      Malitza, Mircea (1984)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|His Ph.D. in mathematics is from Columbia in New York City, he has been Romanian President Ceausescu's advisor on numerous technical issues, and he was a respected analyst and writer on diplomatic theory.
    • Some Implications of the Nixon Doctrine for the Far East 

      Brannigan, William (1970)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Born in New York in 1936, Brannigan took is B. A. at Tufts in 1957 with a major in economics; served in the Navy as a lieutenant; has worked with the New York World Telegram and Sun, U.P.I. News Film, and ...
    • Southeast Asian Politics 

      Coomaraswamy, Punch (1982)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Coomaraswamy has served as Singapore's ambassador to the United States starting in 1976. He was born in Malaysia and schooled there, he studied law in Nottingham University, England, obtaining as LL.B. ...
    • Spain and Its Foreign Policy 

      Gress, Edmund (1973)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Edmund Gress, who was a correspondant for CBS News in Madrid from 1959-1969, was the first broadcast correspondant to have made regular voice reports from Spain beginning in April 1959. He also did the ...
    • The Strained Relationship of India and the US 

      Bhatia, Krishan (1972)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Mr. Bhatia resided in Washington and had at this point been the United States Representative of the Hindustan Times for several Years. He has an N.A. in English. Prior to becoming the Editor of the Hindustan ...
    • US - Soviet Relations and the Question of Detente 

      Dornberg, John (1973)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|A native of Erfurt, Germany, Mr. Dornberg is a graduate in journalism of the University of Denver and has been associated with the Overseas Weekly, the New York Herald Tribune, the Toronto Star, and the ...