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    • Alliance Cooperation and East-West Relations 

      Johnson, David L. (1985)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Mr. Johnson was born 1938, Folkestone, Kent, England. In 1957 he entered the Royal Air Force and in 1959 he entered HM Diplomatic Service. He has been assigned to British Embassies in both Moscow and ...
    • ASEAN: Today and Tomorrow 

      Sandhu, Kernial (1984)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Director of the Southeast Asian Studies Institute since 1972, Dr. Kernial holds degrees from the University of Malaya, University of British Columbia, and the Univeristy of London. He has published numerous ...
    • Egyptian Policy and the Middleast 

      Basheer, Tahseen (1986)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Ambassador Basheer has his B.S. in political economy from the University of Alexandria and his M.A. in political economy from Harvard University. He has done additional graduate work at Princeton. The ...
    • European Community and the Energy Crisis 

      Stuffman, Claus (1975)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|In 1953, he recieved a degree in economics from the University of Freiburg. He studied political science at the Institute for Political Science in Paris. In 1967 he joined the Cabinet of the President of ...
    • The Great Power Cooperation and the Political Role of the United Nations 

      Belovsov, Mikhail (1970)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Last minute substitute for Vladimir Petrovsky of same rank in UN.
    • The Great Triangle: Washington, Moscow, Peking 

      Mehnert, Klaus (1975)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Born October 10. 1906, of German parents in Moscow Russia. Moved to Germany in 1914, PhD at University of Berlin, 1928. Exchange student at the University of California, Berkeley 1928-29. Editor Osteuropa ...
    • International Monetary Fund 

      Erb, Richard D. (1983)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Erb has recieved a Ph.D. in economics from Stanford, Arthur D. Little consultant, Saloman Brothers economist, White House staff assistant on international monetary affairs, Council on Foreign Relations ...
    • NATO's Future 

      Eberle, Adm James (1983)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|James Henry Fuller Eberle was born in Bristol in May, 1927 and educated at Clifton College, Dartmouth, as a cadet in 1940.In 1977 he was promoted to Vice Admiral and became Chief of Fleet Support and a ...
    • The Rapid Deployment Force and U.S. Foreign Policy 

      Mall, William J. (1985)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|General Mall was born in Pittsburgh. He was Commissioned through the University of Pittsburgh's Reserve Officer training program in 1954. In nearly 30 years of service, he has flown more than 7,000 hours ...
    • Relations Between East and West Germany 

      Van Voorst, Bruce (1971)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Starting in 1962, Mr. Van Voorst's assignments have taken him to and involved him in foreign affairs reporting in our capital, Cyprus, Kenya, the 1964 Panama riots, every country of Latin America - twice, ...
    • Shaping the Future Together: The UN, The US, and We The People 

      Cannon, R. Carroll (1984)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Dr. Cannon has participated in U.N. global conferences on human settlements, population, women, science and technology, and transnational corporations in the global economy.
    • Southeast Asian Politics 

      Coomaraswamy, Punch (1982)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Coomaraswamy has served as Singapore's ambassador to the United States starting in 1976. He was born in Malaysia and schooled there, he studied law in Nottingham University, England, obtaining as LL.B. ...
    • Southern Africa: Revolutionary Changes 

      Mahomo, Nana (1971)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Mr. Mohomo was born at Johannesburg in 1930, read law at the University of Cape Town and at Grays Inn, London, and undertook post-graduate studies at MIT, obtaining a master's degree in political science ...
    • Spain and Its Foreign Policy 

      Gress, Edmund (1973)
      BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Edmund Gress, who was a correspondant for CBS News in Madrid from 1959-1969, was the first broadcast correspondant to have made regular voice reports from Spain beginning in April 1959. He also did the ...