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dc.contributor.authorJohnson, David L.
dc.description.abstractBIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|Mr. Johnson was born 1938, Folkestone, Kent, England. In 1957 he entered the Royal Air Force and in 1959 he entered HM Diplomatic Service. He has been assigned to British Embassies in both Moscow and Dakar, UK missions to the United Nations, MBFR Talks in Vienna, and NATO Defence College in Rome. On secondment from the UK Foreign Office his has headed NATO's Policy Planning Research since 1982.en_US
dc.description.abstractSUMMARY| Johnson's themes included endemic tensions between Euro-NATO and the United States, that USSR continually tries to increase these, but that the Helsinki Agreement and Gorbachev are opening, changing the USSR which NATO (including the U.S.) should take more advantage of than U.S. has (including arms control negotiations). U.S. public needs to understand that western security cannot be at the expense of the USSR; this is a fundamental international political reality that is hard for many in the U.S. to understand, apparently. EuroNATO comfortable with Reagan's Star Wars move as a substitute for large spending in an attempt to match USSR (Warsaw Pact) conventional forces - so long as Star Wars is only a research program. Soviet public hopes Gorbachev is a Soviet JFK. Note that East Europe (esp. Czechoslovakis and GDR) fear nuclear war more than does the USSR. It is difficult for the U.S. to appreciate that USSR's greater fear is the PRC.en_US
dc.titleAlliance Cooperation and East-West Relationsen_US
dc.description.noteSPEAKER'S AFFILIATION|NATO HQ Brusselsen_US
dc.description.noteSPEAKER'S POSITION|Head, Policy Planning Researchen_US
dc.description.noteSPEAKER’S NATIONALITY|United Kingdomen_US
dc.description.noteCreighton Visiten_US
dc.description.noteNo Panelen_US
dc.description.noteSpeech Type: OCFRen_US
dc.description.note2Omaha World Herald editorial board and interview. International Relations Club, Creighton. KFAB.en_US
dc.subject.local1NATO, Superpower relationsen_US
dc.subject.local3Organization (principle)en_US

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