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dc.contributor.authorSwing, John Temple
dc.description.abstractBIOGRAPHICAL NOTE|He was Expert Consultant to the US Department of State on sea law and acted as special advisor to the US Ambassadors to the Sea Law Conference. Before joining the Council on Foreign Relations staff in 1963 he was in general practice. He has been a selectman in Salisbury, Conn., and Legal Assistance Officer in the US Army. He held many other positions in professional bodies dealing with law and sea law in particular.en_US
dc.titleThe Law of the Sea: Where Do We Go From Here?en_US
dc.description.noteSPEAKER'S AFFILIATION|Council on Foreign Relations, N.Y.en_US
dc.description.noteSPEAKER'S POSITION|Vice Presidenten_US
dc.description.noteSpeech Type: OCFRen_US
dc.subject.local1Law, Oceans, Straits, Economyen_US

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