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    • The Lark and her Little Ones. 

      Dore, Gustave (London and New York; Cassell, Petter, and Galpin. 1868)
      black-white illustration|Facing Page: 212|The Fables of La Fontaine translated into English verse by Walter Thornbury, with illustrations by Gustave Doré. [n.d.] London and New York, Cassell, Petter, and Galpin., Page 250
    • The Lark and her Young Ones, with the Owner of a Field : L'alouette et ses petits, avec le Maitre d'un champ. 

      Grandville, J.J. (Boston, Elizur Wright, Jr. and Tappan and Dennet.. 1841)
      black-white drawing|Book IV, Fable 22|Fables of La Fontaine. Illustrated by J.J. Grandville. Translated from the French by Elizur Wright, Jr.; Vol 2.; Boston, Published by Elizur Wright, Jr. and Tappan and Dennet. New York, ...
    • The Lark and Her Young Ones. 

      Winter, Milo (Chicago, Rand McNally & Co.. 1919)
      color illustration|Page 99|The Æsop for Children with Pictures by Milo Winter. Chicago, Rand McNally & Co., 1919