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dc.identifier.other12094 (Access ID)en_US
dc.description.abstractThis fable is told faithfully to the tradition: the donkey divides the hare meat into three equal piles and invites the lion to choose first. When the angry lion kills the donkey, the fox divides differently. Unfortunately not present in this version is the great interchange between lion and fox: "Who taught you to divide so well?" "The donkey." The stated moral is "Wise men learn from the other's misfortune." The moral page has a standard setting throughout this Series #10: a child reads a book in an arch-defined opening before the background of a scroll. Perhaps the best image in the pamphlet is of the angry fox brandishing a torch. The text editor has trouble here, as is already clear from the title. Readers will be distracted by the repeated typo "devided." The publisher's symbol seems to be two purple heads reading an open red book. There is a page of vocabulary on the inside back cover, with a picture of all six books in the series on the back cover. The pamphlet is twelve pages long, about 7½" x 6¾".en_US
dc.publisherReading Support Foundation: Greenlife Printingen_US
dc.titleThe Sagacity Foxen_US
dc.description.noteLanguage note: Bilingual: English/Thaien_US
dc.acquired.locationNuchanat Rongroang, ThaiRRShopen_US
dc.subject.local1One story
dc.title.seriesSeries #10:6en_US

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