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dc.identifier.citationPBS News Hour, The Government Wants to Pay for Every COVID Funeral. Experts Worry the Process Is Flawed (May 5, 2021) (Victoria Haneman was one of the individuals providing commentary),
dc.description.abstract"In the past few weeks, a new and large form of COVID-19 relief has opened in the U.S., with the federal government offering to pay for all or most of every funeral of those lost to the disease. Lisa Desjardins reports on the unprecedented scale of help, how the rollout has fared so far, and the questions it raises about the cost of grief in America."--PBS News Houren_US
dc.titleGovernment wants to pay for every COVID funeral. Experts worry the process Is flaweden_US
dc.typeSound Recordingen_US
dc.title.workPBS News Houren_US
dc.subject.fastFuneral rites and ceremonies
dc.program.unitSchool of Lawen_US
dc.contributor.cuauthorHaneman, Victoria J.en_US

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