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    • 1897 Creighton Graduating Class of 1897 

      Unknown (Unkown. 1897)
      Creighton graduating class of 1897. Back row, left to right: Dr. Louis Bushman, Dr. Peter Gillespie, Frank McGinn, Joseph Donnelly, John H. Lamb, Eddie Welch, Ted Leary. Front row, left to right: Michael Hart, Charles ...
    • 1897 Equatorial Telescope 

      Unknown (Unkown. 1897)
      Equatorial telescope used in the Observatory.
    • 1897 Observatory 

      Unknown (Unkown. 1897)
      Exterior view of the Observatory. The chemistry building can be seen on the right with the church behind it.
    • 1897 St. Joseph's Hospital Drug Room 

      Unknown (Unkown. 1897)
      Interior view of St. Joseph's Hospital Drug Room with its large, glassed cabinet of medicine bottles. A nun pouring medicine stands at the counter.
    • 1897 St. Joseph's Hospital Surgical Ward with Patients 

      Unknown (Unkown. 1897)
      Interior view of St. Joseph's Hospital surgical ward with patients resting in bed.
    • 1899 St. John's Church 

      Unknown (Unkown. 1899)
      Exterior, front and west side view of St. John's Church.
    • 18th Annual Report For The Year Ending December 31, 1897 .. Creighton Memorial St. Joseph's Hospital Omaha. 

      Creighton Memorial St. Joseph's Hospital (s.l., s.n.. 1898)
      The Creighton Memorial of Omaha|Known also as the St. Joseph’s Hospital, is the direct result of a bequest of $50,000 left by Mrs. John A. Creighton, who died on September 30th, 1888. The happy and holy inspiration which ...
    • 1900 Chemical Laboratory, Exterior 

      Unknown (Unkown. 1900)
      Exterior, front view of wood framed Chemical Building located just west of Creighton College's original building. It was built and stocked with equipment early 1884 by donations of John A. Creighton and his nephew, John ...
    • 1900 Creighton Football Team, Outdoors on Steps 

      Unknown (Unkown. 1900)
      Group photograph of football team members outside on steps. One player holds a football with "Creighton 1900" painted on it.
    • 1900 Equatorial Telescope 

      Unknown (Unkown. 1900)
      View of the equatorial telescope installed 1886 within the Observatory dome.
    • 1900 Observatory Instrument 

      Unknown (Unkown. 1900)
      Exterior view of astronomical instrument mounted outside at the Observatory.
    • 1900 Observatory Transit Room Instruments 

      Unknown (Unkown. 1900)
      Interior view of Observatory Transit Room and astronomical instruments which are, from left to right, chronograph; astral lantern; barometer; and transit telescope.
    • 1900 Physical Cabinet 

      Unknown (Unkown. 1878)
      Interior, eastern view of Physical Cabinet and bordered walls and ceiling within the Administration Buidling. Father William Rigge stands behind a showcase.
    • 1900? Creighton Football Practice Field 

      Unknown (Unkown. 19XX)
      Outside aerial view of Creighton football practice field with nearby surrounding dwellings,community buildings, and water tower.
    • 1901 Auditorium 

      Unknown (Unkown. 1901)
      Interior view from stage of the Auditorium seating and balcony.
    • 1901 Auditorium 

      Unknown (Unkown. 1901)
      Interior view looking toward the flag draped stage of the Auditorium.
    • 1901 Heating Plant 

      Unknown (Unkown. 1901)
      Exterior view of the Heating Plant made of bricks and located back of the Auditorium.
    • 1902 Auditorium with St. John's Church 

      Unknown (Unkown. 1902)
      Exterior, front and west side views of Auditorium with St. John's Church to the east.
    • 1902 Bridge 

      Unknown (Unkown. 1902)
      Exterior view of bridge linking Administration Building and St. John's Church.
    • 1902 Chapel, Mary's Altar 

      Unknown (Unkown. 1902)
      Interior view of Mary's Altar, located in the Chapel of the Administration Building, as adorned in May. A statue of the Madonna is seen admist the drapery and palms.