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  • Nebraska Criminal Justice Review, September 2021 

    (Holy Family Church, Omaha, Neb., vol. 21no. 3 )
    CONTENTS:|A change can be made:To live in a dif-ferent world, we must be willing to make a difference. We really are at a CROSSROADS. by Gregory C. Lauby, J.D.|Finances: A brief tour of prisoner wages, spending & more, by ...
  • Nebraska Criminal Justice Review, June 2021 

    (Holy Family Church, Omaha, Neb., vol. 21no. 2 )
    CONTENTS:|Status Report - New Prison Proposal, by Marshall Lux|The time is now to stop the new prison: Where we go from here, by ACLU of Nebraska|Request the Pardons Board to expedite the commutation of Ed Poindexter, by ...
  • Nebraska Criminal Justice Review, March 2021 

    (Holy Family Church, Omaha, Neb., vol. 21no. 1 )
    CONTENTS:|Hope for comprehensive analysis of criminal justice in Nebraska, by Robert J. Heist II|Voting: a human right, by Benjermin J. Frith|Crime, victimization, and corrections in rural Nebraska|Unsubstantiated Intel, ...
  • Nebraska Criminal Justice Review, December 2020 

    (Holy Family Church, Omaha, Neb., vol. 20no. 4 )
    CONTENTS:|The politics of new prisons (Part 2), by Marshall Lux|When the over-growth began at the Nebraska Department of Corrections, by David Ditter 32547|State senator expresses his view on priorities and a new prison|In ...
  • Nebraska Criminal Justice Review, September 2020 

    (Holy Family Church, Omaha, Neb., vol. 20no. 3 )
    CONTENTS:|The Politics of New Prisons Part #1, by Marshall Lux|Amending Nebraska’s felony murder rule: a small step in the right direction, by Tom Riley|“BLK. PRISONER”, by Shaheed K. Biko Hamza|Preparing for Parole Board ...
  • Nebraska Criminal Justice Review, June 2020 

    (Holy Family Church, Omaha, Neb., vol. 20no. 2 )
    CONTENTS:| July 1st: What will happen when Governor Ricketts declares an over-crowding emergency? by Doug Koebernick| The killing of Mattieo Condoluci and a critique of registries, by Nebraskans Unafraid| Governor asked ...
  • Nebraska Criminal Justice Review, March 2020 

    (Holy Family Church, Omaha, Neb., vol. 20no. 1 )
    CONTENTS: |Wanted: a challenge to the felony murder doctrine, by Shaheed K. Biko Hamza, aka Derek Dixon 36413 |An open letter to the Legislature's Appropriation Committee and Judiciary Committee, by Marshall Lux |They have ...
  • Nebraska Criminal Justice Review, December 2019 

    (Holy Family Church, Omaha, Neb., vol. 19no. 3 )
    CONTENTS: | Good people are at work, but the justice system is fragmented, by John Krejci | The Interstate Corrections Compact explained, by Scott R. Frakes, Director of the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services | ...
  • Nebraska Criminal Justice Review, September 2019 

    (Holy Family Church, Omaha, Neb., vol. 19no. 2 )
    CONTENTS: | We All Have Value, by Terry Ricketts | Corrections Reports Demand Dramatic Action, by John Krejci | Crime Victims Confront Perpetrators Through a Special Program | Attending a Pardons Board Hearing? Expect to ...
  • Nebraska Criminal Justice Review, July 2019 

    (Holy Family Church, Omaha, Neb., vol. 19no. 1 )
    CONTENTS: | The NCJR is back! by Linda Ohri | Corrections reform: LB 686 One small step for prison reform? by John Krejci | What’s working.... What’s challenging for juvenile justice advocates? by Joanna Lindberg | 1800 ...
  • Reinert Alumni Library 360º Tour: Main Level  

    (Creighton University,  )
  • Reinert Alumni Library 360º Tour: Upper Level 

    (Creighton University,  )
  • Reinert Alumni Library 360º Tour: Lower Level 

    (Creighton University,  )
  • “For Whom the Bell Tolls” in the Legal System: Access to Justice and Conflict Engagement 

    (Creighton University, vol. 5no. 1 )
    Remarks adapted from presentation: Disrupting Law, Reclaiming Justice, a Conversation on Gillian Hadfield’s Rule for a Flat World on October 8, 2018 at Creighton University. Despite the advancement in the ADR movement, ...
  • Reclothing the Legal Emperor: Justice, Equity, and Governance in the Flat World 

    (Creighton University, vol. 5no. 1 )
    In Rules for a Flat World, Hadfield delivers a paradigm-shifting wakeup call about law coming up short in today’s world and proposes creating markets for legal rules to enable the development of broad-based legal infrastructure ...
  • The Limits of Markets in a World Where Values Matter 

    (Creighton University, vol. 5no. 1 )
    Professor Gillian Hadfield’s astute Rules for a Flat Worldproposes a private market solution to rule-making because the current legislative or regulatory framework no longer meets the needs of a fast-paced digital economy. ...
  • A Brief Look at Legal Infrastructure and Its Implications for Migrants Along the U.S.-Mexico Border 

    (Creighton University, vol. 5no. 1 )
    Hadfield’sRules for a Flat World describes how today’s legal infrastructure harms people globally who live in the “Bottom of the Pyramid” (BoP). People who pass through the Kino Border Initiative on the U.S.-Mexico border ...
  • A Case for Disrupting the System of Legal Education 

    (Creighton University, vol. 5no. 1 )
    This essay is focused on the role which law schools might play in “reinventing” the law student for a more robust role in an increasingly complex global economy. The case is presented for law schools to embrace and promote ...
  • Lack of Representation in Removal Proceedings: How Today’s Legal Infrastructure Fails Immigrants 

    (Creighton University, vol. 5no. 1 )
    Legal representation makes a significant difference to the outcome of removal proceedings. Yet high percentages of both detained and non-detained immigrants do not have access to such representation. Some state and local ...
  • Disrupting Law, Reclaiming Justice – Remarks, Responses, and Summary 

    (Creighton University, vol. 5no. 1 )
    A three part review of an interview on the insights that influenced the writing of Rules for a Flat World.|Gillian Hadfield: Disrupting Law, Reclaiming Justice -- Part 1 (19:50)|Gillian Hadfield: ...

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