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dc.description.tableofcontentsAMERICAN HOSPITAL ASSOCIATION REPORT OF THE COMMITTEE ON THE SURVEY OF HOSPITAL SOCIAL SERVICE COMMITTEE ON THE SURVEY OF HOSPITALSOCIAL SERVICE MEMORANDUM OF SUB-COMMITTEE ON PSYCHIATRIC SOCIAL WORK. RELATION OF TH.E HOSPITAL OR DISPENSARY SOCIAL SERVICE TO THE MEDICAL CARE OF THE PATIENT ASSISTANCE RENDERED THE HOSPITAL OR DISPENSARYIN ITS ADMINISTRATIVE ACTIVITIES. RESPONSIBILITY OF THE HOSPITAL SOCIAL SERVICE TO THE COMMUNITY REPORT OF THE FIELD SECRETARY ON THE SURVEY OF HOSPITAL SOCIAL SERVICE - A. M. Richardson INTRODUCTION HISTORY, POLICY, ORGANIZATION AND FINANCING WORK OF THE SOCIAL SERVICE DEPARTMENTS THE WORKERS CONCLUSIONS APPENDIX Institutions Whose Social Service Departments Are Included In The Survey Activities of Social Service Departments The Questions Included in the Personnel Blank Were are Follows: HOSPITAL SOCIAL SERVICE AS A COMMUNITY PROBLEM-THE TORONTO PLAN - Robert E. Mills PARENTAL CO-OPERATION-HOW CAN WE SECURE IT? - Jessie L. Beard A CLINIC STUDIES ITSELF - Ora Mabelle Lewis, Ruth Mahoney, Mary Byers Smith DIETETICS DEPARTMENT - E. F. Wells THE NEW YORK NUTRITION COUNCIL NUTRITION CLASSES IN NEW YORK A TRUE INCIDENT IN SOCIAL FOOD CASE WORK CARDIAC DEPARTMENT DEVELOPMENT OF SPECIAL HEART WORK IN NEW YORK - M. L. Woughter EDITORIAL AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF HOSPITAL WORKERS - Ida M. Cannon & Ruth V. Emerson BY-LAWS OF THE AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF HOSPITAL SOCIAL WORKERS. BY-LAWS AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF HOSPITAL SOCIAL WORKERS OFFICERS OF THE AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF HOSPITAL SOCIAL WORKERS-1920-1921 NEWS NOTES STANFORD SCHOOL OF NURSING IOWA STATE CONFERENCE OF SOCIAL WORK ABSTRACTS Mental Mechanisms - G. W. Mills Scientific Considerations in Nutrition - J. T. Dahlman Imbalance in the Development of the Personality as a Cause of Mental Ill Health - E. K. Spaulding Points in the Detection of Industrial Fatigue and Measures for Its Possible Elimination - E. R. Hayhurst Place of Industrial Medicine in Medical Science - F. Shufflebotham Social and Medical Aspects of Childhood Delinquency - S. Brown A Dental Clinic for Children in a Settlement - H. W. Guthrie Accomplishments and Future Responsibilities of the American Hospital Association - J. B. Howland Organizing the American Hospital Field - A. R. Warner Community Funds for Maintenance of Capital Expenditures - Pliny O. Clark Infant Welfare Affected by Class Distinctions and National Traits - A. Levinson Syphilis and the Periodic Physicial Examination - A. F. Kraetzer Malthus and the Poor Law - J. Glaister Public Health Work - F. F. Roget The State and Future of Medical Practice - Sir George Newman Social Service at the Chicago State Hospital - E. A. Foley New Fields for the Social Service Exchange - L. Harlenen_US
dc.publisherHospital Social Service Association of New York Cityen_US
dc.subject.meshMedical Social Work -- Periodicalsen_US
dc.titleHospital Social Serviceen_US
dc.title.alternativeHospital Social Service Quarterlyen_US
dc.typeJournal Issue
dc.publisher.locationNew York Cityen_US

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