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    • Introduction 

      Warren, Earl (Creighton Law Review. vol. 1, pg. 8-Jul )
      INTRODUCTION|The administration of justice would be a simple matter if it involved only the application of time-tested principles to static conditions. But conditions change. And the law- ideally the expression of the ...
    • Preface 

      Doyle, James A. (Creighton Law Review. vol. 1, pg. 6-May )
      FIRST PARAGRAPH(S)|The publication of a law review is universally recognized as a valuable and effective adjunct to the educational program of an American law school. This first issue of the Creighton Law Review is a ...
    • Contents 

      Unknown author (Creighton Law Review. vol. 1 )
    • Title Page (Volume 1) 

      Unknown author (Creighton Law Review. vol. 1 )
    • Management's Reserved Rights and the National Labor Relations Board - An Employer's View 

      Loomis, Walter P. Jr.; Herman, Joseph (Creighton Law Review. vol. 1, pg. 34-78 )
      FIRST PARAGRAPH(S)|Until recently, the prevailing approach to post-contractual labor management relations in the United States has been the reserved rights theory, under which an employer retains all rights to manage its ...
    • Industrial Development Bonds and Economic Policy 

      Birmingham, Robert L. (Creighton Law Review. vol. 1, pg. Sep-33 )
      INTRODUCTION|Subsection 103(a) (1) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 excludes from income subject to tax "the obligations of a State, a Territory, or a possession of the United States, or any political subdivision of ...
    • Criminal Law - Privilege against Self-Incrimination - Handwriting Exemplars Excluded from the Scope of the Fifth Amendment Privilege - Gilbert v. California, 388 U.S. 263 (1967) 

      Gross, John J. (Creighton Law Review. vol. 1, pg. 120-138 )
      FIRST PARAGRAPH(S)|Petitioner, accused of the armed robbery of the Mutual Savings and Loan Association of Alhambra, California and of the murder of a police officer killed in the course of the robbery, was arrested in ...
    • Doctrine of Governmental Immunity in Nebraska, The 

      Whitmore, Thomas E. (Creighton Law Review. vol. 1 )
      INTRODUCTION|This article is intended to treat the doctrine of governmental immunity as it has been applied in Nebraska, with particular reference to the possibility of abrogation of the doctrine, whether partial or complete, ...
    • Constructive Trusts, Statute of Frauds, and Judicial Lethargy 

      Cooper, Duncan B. III (Creighton Law Review. vol. 1, pg. 95-108 )
      INTRODUCTION|Suppose A conveys land to B upon a verbal promise to hold the land in trust for A. If B refuses to honor his obligation, the express trust cannot be enforced because the Statute of Frauds bars proof of the ...
    • Retroactivity and the Long Arm Statutes 

      Griffin, Gerard P. Jr. (Creighton Law Review. vol. 1, pg. 109-119 )
      INTRODUCTION|A basic dislike for applying statutes retroactively is evident throughout history. The Roman Code states the principle that laws should only apply to actions in the future unless it is expressly stated that ...
    • Criminal Law - Larceny of Leased Property - Presumptions for Refusal to Return and Presentation of False Identification - L.B. 205 77th Neb. Leg. Sess. (1967) 

      Becker, Robert J. (Creighton Law Review. vol. 1, pg. 139-end )
      FIRST PARAGRAPH(S)|A fundamental principle of Anglo-American criminal justice is that a man is considered innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. In most instances this requires that the accuser sustain the ...
    • Motion to Vacate under 28 U.S.C. Section 2255: Part One 

      Orfield, Lester B. (Creighton Law Review. vol. 2, pg. 5 )
      INTRODUCTION|A prisoner in custody under sentence of a court established by Act of Congress claiming the right to be released upon the ground that the sentence was imposed in violation of the Constitution or laws of the ...
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      Unknown author (Creighton Law Review. vol. 2, pg. [v] )
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      Unknown author (Creighton Law Review. vol. 2, pg. [iii] )
    • Title Page (Volume 2) 

      Unknown author (Creighton Law Review. vol. 2, pg. [i] )
    • Constitutional Law - Tort Action for Nongovernmental Deprivation of Constitutional Right of Privacy - Nader v. General Motors Corporation, 57 Misc. 2d 301, 292 N.Y.S.2d 514 (Sup. Ct. 1968) 

      Gergen, Jon J. (Creighton Law Review. vol. 2, pg. 354 )
      FIRST PARAGRAPH(S)|Plaintiff Nader, automobile safety crusader, brought an action in the New York Supreme Court alleging that defendant General Motors had invaded his right of privacy by investigating his private life and ...
    • Motion to Vacate under 28 U.S.C. Section 2255: Part Two 

      Orfield, Lester B. (Creighton Law Review. vol. 2, pg. 213 )
      INTRODUCTION|In general, the motion procedure is not proper to attack an arrest, although there is occasional contrary authority. Accordingly, it has been held that the motion proceeding will not lie for error in the arrest ...
    • Cave Adstantem: Bystander Recovery in Products Liability Cases 

      Addy, Charles J.; Gross, John J. (Creighton Law Review. vol. 2, pg. 295 )
      INTRODUCTION |Actions against manufacturers or retailers for personal. injury resulting from products manufactured or sold by them may be premised upon any one or more of, three theories of action, breach of warranty, ...
    • Five-Judge Rule in Nebraska, The 

      Madgett, Paul W. (Creighton Law Review. vol. 2, pg. 329 )
      INTRODUCTION|The ability of a minority of the members of the Supreme Court of Nebraska to uphold the constitutional validity of legislative acts, even though a majority of the court would strike down the acts, has sprung ...
    • Nebraska Sales and Use Taxes 

      O'Kief, W. Gerald (Creighton Law Review. vol. 2, pg. 253 )
      INTRODUCTION|In 1967 the Nebraska Legislature enacted into law the sales and use tax for the purpose of providing a single, uniform tax on the sale, use, storage, or consumption of all tangible personal property sold at ...