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    • Critical race theory as praxis: A view from outside the outside 

      Lawson, Raneta J. (1995)
      This article examines the structure and development of critical race theory scholarship and offer recommendations for enhancing its practical real world applications.
    • Inheriting inequality: Wealth, race, and the laws of succession 

      Strand, Palma J. (2010)
      The article begins by documenting deep inequality in the form of Black-White wealth disparities. While the overall wealth distribution in the United States is highly unequal from both historical and international perspectives, ...
    • Racism 4.0, civity, and reconstitution 

      Strand, Palma J. (2015)
      Racism has been so deeply embedded in our culture for so long that actions taken to uproot it have not been entirely successful. After each concerted effort, racism grows back but in a different form. To emphasize the ...
    • Role of suspicion in federal equal protection 

      McGreal, Paul E. (1999)
      Recently, Professor Jed Rubenfeld wrote an essay arguing that the Supreme Court's strict scrutiny test for equal protection works best to "smoke out" the purpose of laws to determine whether they were enacted because of ...