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    • Rapid progression of prostate cancer in men with a BRCA2 mutation 

      Narod, S. A.; Neuhausen, S.; Vichodez, G.; Armel, S.; Lynch, H. T.; Ghadirian, P.; Cummings, S.; Olopade, O.; Stoppa-Lyonnet, D.; Couch, F.; Wagner, T.; Warner, E.; Foulkes, W. D.; Saal, H.; Weitzel, J.; Tulman, A.; Poll, A.; Nam, R.; Sun, P.; Hereditary Breast Cancer Study Grp (2008)
    • Tamoxifen and contralateral breast cancer in BRCA1 and BRCA2 carriers: an update 

      Gronwald, J.; Tung, N.; Foulkes, W. D.; Offit, K.; Gershoni, R.; Daly, M.; Kim-Sing, C.; Olsson, H.; Ainsworth, P.; Eisen, A.; Saal, H.; Friedman, E.; Olopade, O.; Osborne, M.; Weitzel, J.; Lynch, H.; Ghadirian, P.; Lubinski, J.; Sun, P.; Narod, S. A.; Hereditary Breast Cancer Clinical (2006)