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Recent Submissions

  • State opinio juris and international humanitarian law pluralism 

    Michael N. Schmitt & Sean Watts, State Opinio Juris and International Humanitarian Law Pluralism, 91 INT’L L. STUD. 171 (2015).
    International humanitarian law has developed through a pluralistic process. Its history reveals a pattern of rough proportionality between State opinio juris and non-State expressions of law. These diverse sources have ...
  • Substance use disorder, discrimination, and the CARES Act: Using disability law to Inform part 2 rulemaking 

    Kelly K. Dineen & Elizabeth Pendo, Substance Use Disorder, Discrimination, and the CARES Act: Using Disability Law to Inform Part 2 Rulemaking, 52 ARIZ. STATE L.J. 1143 (2020).
    The COVID-19 pandemic is having devastating consequences for people with substance use disorders (SUD). SUD is a chronic health condition—like people with other chronic health conditions, people with SUD experience periods ...
  • Of grading rubrics and formative assessment 

    No one reasonably expects that every class that you teach will be an award-worthy, primal act of creation. Indeed, there is the comfort of a home-cooked meal in traditional methods of law teaching because they remind us ...
  • Funeral poverty 

    Victoria J. Haneman, Funeral Poverty, 55 U. RICH. L. REV. 387 (2021).
    Death is an expensive proposition. The economics of life do not end with death, and putting the deceased to rest carries (often-unexpected) funerary expenses for cremations, funerals, burials, and/or memorials. In 2019, ...
  • The disruptive potential of blockchain in the law of wills 

    Victoria J. Haneman, The Disruptive Potential of Blockchain in the Law of Wills, JOTWELL, Dec. 3, 2020, at
  • Due diligence and the U.S. defend forward cyber strategy 

    Eric Talbot Jensen & Sean Watts, Due Diligence and the U.S. Defend Forward Cyber Strategy (Hoover Working Grp. on Nat’l Sec., Tech., & L., Aegis Series Paper No. 2006, Oct. 20, 2020),
    As its name implies, the 2018 US Department of Defense Defend Forward strategy is principally reactive. The strategy assumes that the United States will continue to suffer harm from competitors and malign actors through ...
  • Mangrum and Benson on Utah evidence 

    R. Collin Mangrum & Dee Benson, MANGRUM AND BENSON ON UTAH EVIDENCE (2020-2021 ed. 2020).
  • Mangrum on Nebraska evidence 

    R. Collin Mangrum, MANGRUM ON NEBRASKA EVIDENCE (2020 ed. 2020).
  • Legal professionalism in a(n increasingly necessary) digital age 

    Kendra Huard Fershee, Legal Professionalism in a(n Increasingly Necessary) Digital Age, NEB. LAW., Nov./Dec. 2020, at 51.
  • Nebraska jury instructions : Second edition 

  • Energy law: A context and practice casebook 

    Joshua P. Fershee, ENERGY LAW: A CONTEXT AND PRACTICE CASEBOOK (2d ed. 2021).
  • Death and mushroom suits with Professor Victoria Hanema‪n‬ 

    Money and the Mind, Death and Mushroom Suits with Professor Victoria Hanema‪n‬ (Jan. 18, 2021) (podcast of interview with Victoria Haneman),
    Professor Victoria Haneman joins Andy and Aaron to discuss funerals and the death care industry.
  • Working from home: Reassessing risks and opportunities 

    Vasant Raval & Edward A. Morse, Working from Home: Reassessing Risks and Opportunities, 5 ISACA JOURNAL 11 (2020).
    How much of this virtual world will remain part of our lives after the pandemic has passed? Will the technological shift leave lasting changes in the habits and pract ices of business and society? For auditors, navigating ...
  • Oil & Gas Survey: West Virginia 

    Joshua P. Fershée, Oil & Gas Survey: West Virginia, 6 TEX. A&M J. PROP. L. 210 (2020).
    This Article summarizes and discusses important recent developments in West Virginia's oil and gas law as determined by recent West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals cases. There were no substantial legislative changes in ...
  • Disability discrimination against people with substance use disorders by postacute care nursing facilities: It is time to stop tolerating civil rights violations 

    Kelly K. Dineen, Disability Discrimination Against People with Substance Use Disorders by Postacute Care Nursing Facilities: It is Time to Stop Tolerating Civil Rights Violations, 15 J. ADDICTION MED. 18 (2021).
    People with substance use disorders (PWSUDs), including opioid use disorder (OUD), continue to face widespread discrimination, including in health care. As hospitals increasingly provide more appropriate and integrated ...
  • Get your advance directives in place now 

    Seema Mohapatra, Kelly Dineen, Elizabeth Pendo & Kathy Cerminara, Get Your Advance Directives in Place Now, INSIDE INDIANA BUSINESS (June 8, 2020),
    COVID-19 is quickly becoming the leading cause of death in the United States. As of today, Indiana has over 37,000 cases of COVID-19 and over 2,100 deaths. That is why articulating your wishes regarding end-of-life health ...
  • Flexibility and predictability: The emergence of near-universal choice of law principles 

    Flexibility and Predictability: The Emergence of Near-Universal Choice of Law Principles, in BALANCING OF INTERESTS: LIBER AMICORUM PETER HAY ZUM 70. GEBURTSTAG 49 (Hans-Eric Rasmussen-Bonne, Richard Freer, Wolfgang Lüke & Wolfgang Weitnauer eds. 2005).
  • Introduction 

    Introduction, in 1 JURISDICTION AND PRIVATE INTERNATIONAL LAW ix (Patrick J. Borchers ed., 2014).
  • Civil procedure: Cases, text, notes, and problems 

    Larry L. Teply, Denis F. McLaughlin & Ralph U. Whitten, CIVIL PROCEDURE: CASES, TEXT, NOTES, AND PROBLEMS (4th ed. 2021).
  • Common Article 1 and the duty to "ensure respect" 

    Michael N. Schmitt & Sean Watts, Common Article 1 and the Duty to “Ensure Respect”, 96 INT’L L. STUD. 674 (2020).
    Common Article 1 to the four 1949 Geneva Conventions requires Parties to those instruments to “respect and to ensure respect for the present Convention in all circumstances.” Some academics and private organizations claim ...

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