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  • Carolina Human Heart Model 

    Carolina Biological Supply Company (2021)
    2x life size. This 3-piece model is enlarged for enhanced detail of internal and external structures. Comes with numbered key that identifies 30 structures, including the coronary arteries and veins. The anterior portions ...
  • Carolina Human Hip Joint Model 

    Carolina Biological Supply Company (2021)
    Plastic. Approximately life-sized model features 10 labeled bone structures and 3 labeled ligaments. Comes with laminated key. In 1 piece and mounted on a base. Size (with base), 23 x 13 x 15 cm.
  • Modular Skills Trainer 

    Laerdal Medical Corporation (2021)
    The Modular Skills Trainer is a portable solution for skills practice and competency development. Optimized for distance learning, the Modular Skills Trainer is an affordable, practical solution for repetitive, independent ...
  • Altay Female Pelvis with Organs 

    Carolina Biological Supply Company (2021)
    Life-size skeleton of a complete female human pelvis. Shows the muscular and urogenital features of the pelvic floor in great detail. Includes ovaries, uterus, urinary bladder, and rectum. Structures of the perineal region ...
  • Carolina Human Elbow Joint Model 

    Carolina Biological Supply Company (2021)
    Plastic. This life-sized model features the skeletal structures and major ligaments of the elbow. Includes 10 labeled structures and laminated key. In 1 piece and mounted on a base. Size (with base), 23 x 11.5 x 11.5 cm.
  • Effects and Hazards of Opioids Folding Display 

    Health Edco, Inc.
    Opioid misuse and abuse has become a national health crisis, leading to unprecedented numbers of opioid overdoses and opioid overdose deaths. Packed with information, this educational folding display helps viewers understand ...
  • A1C Levels: An Inside Look Model 

    Health Edco, Inc.
    Use this essential model to explain A1C levels to patients. One half of the model represents healthy blood glucose and A1C levels by depicting a small number of glucose particles and a red blood cell model that has few ...
  • Slim Guide Skinfold Caliper 

    Nasco/Creative Health Products
    Economical professional performance - ideal for large classes! Durable ABS plastic skinfold caliper with comfortable "pistol grip" design includes a 22 page book "How to Measure Your % Bodyfat" with numerous illustrations ...
  • Deluxe Pulse Fingertip Oximeter 

    Veridian Healthcare LLC
    The Veridian Deluxe Pulse Oximeter is a reliable tool for sports and fitness enthusiasts to spot-check their blood oxygen saturation level and pulse rate at the fingertip. This lightweight portable unit takes fast and ...
  • Sneezy Sam Display 

    Health Edco, Inc.
    Raise awareness of how important it is to cover your sneezes! When Sam sneezes, he sends everyone scrambling. This delightfully disgusting display (12" x 19" x 8-1/2") teaches viewers that a sneeze can travel farther than ...
  • Bag of Germs Set 

    Health Edco, Inc.
    Great for teaching any group about the importance of hand washing to protect against the spread of germs and illness, each Bag of Germs has a replaceable pouch of Germ Powder contained within a special bag that deposits ...
  • Death of a Liver Easel Display 

    Health Edco, Inc.
    As this easel display reveals, alcohol abuse and other behaviors can destroy the liver. These three handpainted models depict a normal liver, a liver with hepatitis, and a liver with cirrhosis, highlighting the importance ...
  • BV Medical Professional Dual-Head Training Stethoscope 

    BV Medical
    Two-channel training stethoscope provides accurate sound transmission to both student and instructor simultaneously. Two sets of adjustable aluminum binaurals - Two sets of flexible 22" PVC Y-tubing and one straight 22" ...
  • Death of a Lung Easel Display 

    Health Edco, Inc.
    Featuring models of healthy lung tissue, a lung cratered and damaged by emphysema, and a cancerous lung, this tabletop display graphically reveals the inner destruction caused by smoking. Clear, easy-to-understand text ...
  • Mini A1C Diabetes Education Model Set 

    Health Edco, Inc.
    Educate patients and students about the essential role of the A1C test in diabetes management with this portable, pocket-size teaching set. The model set is a great way to explain how the A1C test provides an overall picture ...
  • Chronic Care Challenges Simulation Glasses - Set of 6 

    These innovative simulation glasses create the realities of six common age-related visual impairments: cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, retinopathy, hemianopsia, and detached retina. They are designed to be easily ...
  • Etac Hair Washer with Ergonomic Grip 

    Performance Health
    Shampoo and massage your hair with ease. Etac's Beauty Hair Washer allows you to shampoo your hair and massage your scalp without unnecessary strain on your hands, shoulders, and arms. The Beauty Hair Washer has soft "finger ...
  • MatchMates Sprague Rappaport-Type Combination Kit 

    MABIS Healthcare/Nasco
    Kit includes a MatchMates aneroid sphygmomanometer and a 31 in. Sprague Rappaport-type stethoscope packed together in a matching nylon carrying case. The stethoscope includes 5 interchangeable chest pieces: 3 bells (adult, ...
  • Phoenix Outrigger Kit 

    Performance Health
    The Phoenix Outrigger Kits provides dynamic MCP extension with active flexion allowing complete available range of motion. The slotted pulleys can be aligned for a 90 degree angle of pull. Splinting material, straps, ...
  • Jamar E-Z Read Goniometer Measuring Set 

    Performance Health
    Set includes 6-3/4"(17cm), 8"(20cm), and 12-1/2"(32cm) Jamar Goniometers from the brand you trust for accurate measurements. Plus, the set includes a standard Sammons Preston measuring tape. It's a great set for physical ...

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