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dc.description.tableofcontentsObstetrics A Case of Craniotomy Puerperal Sepsis Obstetrics in Country Practice Effect of La Grippe on Pregnancy Diagnosis of Preganancy Infection Following Childbirth with Report of a Case Accidental Hemorrhage My Unfavorable Labor Cases in Eighteen Years of Practice The Doctor as an Educator Some Irregular Forms of Pneumonia Complicated Cases of Laryngismus and Tetany Studies on Nebraska Parasites Typhoid Fever - A Case Etiology and Treatment of Membranous Croup, So - Called The Posistion of General Medicine as We View It Post- Typhoid Periostitis An Improved Stethoscope (A) Report of a Case of Appendicits (B) Report of a Case of Turberculosis of OS Calcis The Operative Tretament of Hallex Valgus Auto- Intoxication: Its Relations to Wound Healing Have The Surgeons Usurped the Gynecological Field? Operative Treatment of Cancer of the Lower Lip Surgery of the Gall Ducts The Bone of Contention in Railway Surgery An Interesting Case in Surgery Some of the Essentials of Succesful Surgery What of the Normal Salt Solution Surgery and Elsewhere? Indictions for and the Technique of Operation in Appendicitis My Futher Experience with Electrolysis in Gynecology the Menstrual Function in Insane Patients and the Effects of Ovariotomy Paroxysmal Tachycardia as a Menstrual Concomitant Surgical Treatment of Retroflexions of the Uterus The Eye in its Relation to General Diseases Mental Fixation Influenced by the Recti Muscles of the Eyes Importance of Early Operation Intraocular Sarcoma Some Remarks Upon The Treatment of Chronic Suppuration of the Middle Ear Two Cases of Acromegaly Materia Medica and Therapeutics Recent Pathological Research Hypertrophy of The Lingual Tonsil Acute Purtulent Inflamation of the Middle Ear Eczema and its Treatment List of Members of Nebraska Medical Society Indexen_US
dc.publisherNebraska State Medical Societyen_US
dc.titleProceedings Of The Nebraska State Medical Societyen_US
dc.typeJournal Issue

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