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    • Halting the deportation of businesses: A pragmatic paradigm for dealing with success 

      David P. Weber, Halting the Deportation of Businesses: A Pragmatic Paradigm for Dealing with Success, 23 Geo. Immig. L.J. 765 (2009).
      This article proposes the creation of a new visa category for certain undocumented entrepreneurs to resolve the issue of the de facto deportation of the undocumented entrepreneurs' business upon their removal. Part I of ...
    • Handling expert testimony in Nebraska: Lessons from recent cases 

      R. Collin Mangrum, Handling Expert Testimony in Nebraska: Lessons from Recent Cases, 21 Creighton L. Rev. 509 (1988).
    • Have casinos contributed to rising bankruptcy rates? 

      Ernie Goss, Edward A. Morse & John Deskins, Have Casinos Contributed to Rising Bankruptcy Rates?, 15 Int'l Advances Econ. Res. 456 (2009).
      This article examines the relationship between casino gambling and bankruptcy rates in U.S. counties using a panel of UlS. county-level data from 1990-2005. We contribute to the literature in several ways, perhaps most ...
    • Have I told you lately that ILOVEYOU?: A proactive approach to the misuse of computer technology resources in the business environment 

      Raneta Lawson Mack, Have I Told You Lately That ILOVEYOU?: A Proactive Approach to the Misuse of Computer Technology Resources in the Business Environment, J. Alternative Disp. Resol. Employment, Fall 2000, at 11.
    • Health accounts/arrangements: An expanding role under the Affordable Care Act? 

      Edward A. Morse, Health Accounts/Arrangements: An Expanding Role Under the Affordable Care Act?, 47 J. Marshall L. Rev. 991 (2014), reprinted in ch. 14 New York University Review of Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation, 2014.
      This article outlines the foundations of health-related accounts and arrangements, including tax and economic considerations affecting their role in various designs for health insurance coverage. It explores the impact of ...
    • Hearing on competition and consumer protection in the 21st Century 

      Video file: Hearing on Competition and Consumer Protection in the 21st Century (June 12, 2019) (FTC Hearing #14: Roundtable with State Attorneys General, an FTC-Creighton University School of Law event moderated by Ed Morse, Creighton University School of Law & Andrew Smith, Federal Trade Commission Bureau of Consumer Protection),
      The Federal Trade Commission held the 14th session of its Hearings Initiative with Creighton University School of Law in Omaha, Nebraska on June 12, 2019. This concluded the FTC’s Hearings on Competition and Consumer ...
    • Hearing on U.S.-Cuba Policy: Hearing Before the Subcomm. On Trade of the H. Comm. on Ways and Means, 11th Cong. 

      Video File: Hearing on U.S.-Cuba Policy: Hearing Before the Subcomm. on Trade of the H. Comm. on Ways and Means, 111th Cong. (2010) (statement of Michael J. Kelly, Associate Dean for Faculty Research and International Programs, Creighton University School of Law).
      Michael J. Kelly delivers his opening statement at a trade hearing on U.S.-Cuba Policy held by the Subcommittee on Trade of the House Committee on Ways and Means, April 29, 2010.
    • The high cost of dying 

      1A, The High Cost of Dying (Apr. 8, 2021) (podcast of interview with Victoria Haneman),
      An interview on public radio about the high cost of funerals and burials and the federal government's plan to assist the families of Americans who died of COVID-19
    • History and theory of administrative law 

      Patrick Borchers, History and Theory of Administrative Law, in Administrative Law Seminar (Neb. Continuing Legal Educ. ed., 2016).
    • Hollow promises for pregnant students: How the regulations governing title IX fail to prevent pregnancy discrimination in school 

      Kendra Fershee, Hollow Promises for Pregnant Students: How the Regulations Governing Title IX Fail to Prevent Pregnancy Discrimination in School, 43 Ind. L. Rev. 79 (2009).
      This Article describes the unequal treatment of pregnant students historically in American public school historically and how the regulations implementing Title IX are too weak to ensure that the historical discrimination ...
    • Horizontal drilling, vertical problems: Property law challenges from the Marcellus Shale boom 

      Joshua P. Fershee & S. Alex Shay, Horizontal Drilling, Vertical Problems: Property Law Challenges from the Marcellus Shale Boom, 49 J. Marshall L. Rev. 413 (2015).
      This article focuses on key property challenges appearing as part of the West Virginia Marcellus Shale play. The paper opens with an introduction to the Marcellus Shale region that is the focus of our analysis. The paper ...
    • Horseshoes and hand grenades: Protecting compliance officers from the at-will employment doctrine 

      Paul E. McGreal, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades: Protecting Compliance Officers from the At-Will Employment Doctrine, 48 U. Tol. L. Rev. 485 (2017).
    • Hostile protected persons or "extra-conventional persons:" How unlawful combatants in the War on Terrorism posed extraordinary challenges for military attorneys and commanders 

      Paul E. Kantwill & Sean Watts, Hostile Protected Persons or “Extra-Conventional” Persons:” How Unlawful Combatants in the War on Terrorism Posed Extraordinary Challenges for Military Attorneys and Commanders, 28 Fordham Int'l L.J. 681 (2005).
      This study of the extraordinary challenges faced by military attorneys and commanders in the fight against terrorism is a portrait of how law, war, and politics have converged to raise the stakes and increase the complexity ...
    • How local is local?: A response to Professor David B. Spence's The political economy of local vetoes 

      Joshua P. Fershee, How Local Is Local?: A Response to Professor David B. Spence’s The Political Economy of Local Vetoes, 93 Tex. L. Rev. See Also 61 (2015).
      Professor Fershee responds to Professor David B. Spence’s article about local hydraulic fracturing bans: The Political Economy of Local Vetoes, 93 Texas L. Rev. 351 (2015). Professor Spence notes that the shale oil and gas ...
    • How the new European Union Constituion will allocate power between the EU and its member states -- a textual analysis 

      Stephen C. Sieberson, How the New European Union Constitution Will Allocate Power Between the EU and Its Member States – A Textual Analysis, 37 Vand J. Transnat'l L. 993 (2004).
      The new European Union Constitution, if ratified by the EU's Member States, will replace the existing EC Treaty and Treaty on European Union. The Author analyzes the text of the Constitution to determine how it balances ...
    • How to help the employee get back to work 

      Carol C. Knoepfler, How to Help the Employee Get Back to Work, in Workers' Compensation in Nebraska 57 (Nat’l Bus. Inst. ed., 1996).
    • How to search like a pro 

      Troy Johnson, How to Search Like a Pro, in Find It Free and Fast on the Net: Strategies for Legal Research on the Web 7 (Nat'l Bus. Inst. ed., 2007).
    • How “international” should a third conflicts restatement be in tort and contract? 

      Patrick J. Borchers, How “International” Should a Third Conflicts Restatement Be in Tort and Contract?, 27 Duke J. INT’L & COMP. L. 461 (2017).
      From an international standpoint, American conflicts law presents two principal difficulties. One is a chaotic and unpredictable body of law of personal (judicial) jurisdiction. Personal jurisdiction in the U.S., as a ...
    • Human rights 

      Sean Watts, Human Rights, in Operational Law Handbook (John Rawcliffe & Jeannine Smith eds., 2006).
    • Humanitarian logic and the law of siege: A study of the Oxford Guidance on relief actions 

      Sean Watts, Humanitarian Logic and the Law of Siege: A Study of the Oxford Guidance on Relief Actions, 95 Int'l L. Stud. 1 (2019).
      In terms of human suffering, few military operations have rivaled sieges and comparably harsh legal regimes have governed them. At a time when legal vindication of humanitarian interests in armed conflict is ascendant, ...