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    • War on culture violates rule of law 

      Michael Kelly, Op-Ed, War on Culture Violates Rule of Law, Detroit News, Mar. 9, 2001, at 11A.
    • War on terror: Assaulting democracy at home? 

      Raneta Lawson Mack & Michael J. Kelly, The War on Terror: Assaulting Democracy at Home?, Creighton U. Mag., Spring 2003, at 14.
    • We belong to "Nobody's Children" - We are "They" who must change 

      Catherine M. Brooks, We Belong to "Nobody's Children" - We Are "They" Who Must Change: A Response to Professor Elizabeth Bartholet's Sullivan Lecture Nobody's Children: Re-Visioning Child Welfare Policies on Abuse, Foster Care, and Adoption, 28 Cap. U. L. Rev. 91 (1999).
      This essay responds to Prof. Bartholet's lecture from the perspective that "it takes a village to raise a child."
    • Wealth disparities price of progress 

      Edward A. Morse, Op-Ed., Wealth Disparities Price of Progress, Omaha World-Herald, May 29, 2011, at 9B.
    • When a child needs a lawyer 

      Catherine M. Brooks, When a Child Needs a Lawyer, 23 Creighton L. Rev. 757 (1990).
      This essay speaks to that lawyer who has just received a first-time appointment as a guardian ad litem to represent a child.
    • When prayer trumps politics: The politics and demographics of renewable portfolio standards 

      Joshua P. Fershee, When Prayer Trumps Politics: The Politics and Demographics of Renewable Portfolio Standards, 35 Wm. & Mary Envtl. L. & Pol’y Rev. 53 (2010).
      This Article seeks to understand who supports renewable energy mandates (and why) by analyzing a variety trends found in political and socio-economic data by state, as well as by state renewable energy opportunities (or ...
    • When worlds collide: Bankruptcy and its impact on domestic relations and family law 

      Michaela M. White, When Worlds Collide: Bankruptcy and Its Impact on Domestic Relations and Family Law (4th ed. 2010).
    • When worlds collide: Bankruptcy and its impact on domestic relations and family law 

      Michaela M. White, Marianne B. Culhane & Nathalie Martin, When Worlds Collide: Bankruptcy and Its Impact on Domestic Relations and Family Law (3d ed. 2005).
    • Where's the beef? 

      Edward A. Morse, Where's the Beef? Creighton Law., Fall 2006, at 12.
    • Whistleblowers and tax enforcement: Using inside information to close the "tax gap" 

      Edward A. Morse, Whistleblowers and Tax Enforcement: Using Inside Information to Close the "Tax Gap", 24 Akron Tax J. 1 (2009).
      This article examines the current legal structure allowing rewards for informants who provide information to assist the IRS in the enforcement of the tax laws. IRS data suggest that informants are a cost-effective means ...
    • Who is a prisoner of war? 

      Sean Watts, Who Is a Prisoner of War?, in The 1949 Geneva Conventions: A Commentary (Andrew Clapham, Paola Gaeta & Marco Sassòli eds., 2015).
      This paper examines the qualification provisions for prisoner of war (POW) status under the Third Geneva Convention of 1949 (GC III). It argues that Article 4 of GC III should be understood merely to identify groups whose ...
    • Why China doesn't really want the Senkaku Islands 

      Michael Kelly, Op-Ed, Why China Doesn't Really Want the Senkaku Islands, JURIST, Dec. 7, 2013,
    • Why repeal of the death tax means the second demise of substantive due process 

      Paul E. McGreal, Why Repeal of the Death Tax Means the Second Demise of Substantive Due Process, 39 San Diego L. Rev. 551 (2002).
    • Williams v. Lee, 1959 

      Michael J. Kelly, Williams v. Lee, 1959, in 3 Treaties with American Indians: An Encyclopedia of Rights, Conflicts, and Sovereignty 686 (Donald L. Fixico ed., 2008).
    • Women in prison: Louisiana 

      Irina Fox, Women in Prison: Louisiana, Counterbalance (Nat’l Ass’n of Women Judges), Spring 2009, at 27.
    • Working from home: Reassessing risks and opportunities 

      Vasant Raval & Edward A. Morse, Working from Home: Reassessing Risks and Opportunities, 5 ISACA JOURNAL 11 (2020).
      How much of this virtual world will remain part of our lives after the pandemic has passed? Will the technological shift leave lasting changes in the habits and pract ices of business and society? For auditors, navigating ...
    • A World of Paranoia 

      Michael J. Kelly, Letter to the Editor, A World of Paranoia, Foreign Pol’y, Nov./Dec. 2004, at 12.
    • Worth doing well -- the improvable European Union Constitution 

      Stephen C. Sieberson, Worth Doing Well – The Improvable European Union Constitution, 26 Mich. J. Int'l L. 587 (2005).
      The European Union Constitution’ (Constitution) was born of a desire to reorganize and simplify the existing EU Treaties in anticipation of the European Union’s (EU or Union) addition of ten new Member States in 2004. Its ...
    • Writing professional e-mail; yes you can! 

      Kendra Huard Fershee, Writing Professional E-mail; Yes You Can!, Bloomberg L. Rep., Oct. 3, 2012,
    • Wrong: U.S. Supreme Court & 4575 other cases say an LLC is a corporation 

      Joshua Fershee, Wrong: U.S. Supreme Court & 4575 Other Cases Say an LLC is a Corporation, LLC & Partnership Rep. (A.B.A. Sec. on Bus. L., Comm. on LLCs, P’ship’s & Uninc. Entities), Nov. 2015, at 38.
      Limited liability companies (LLCs) are often viewed as some sort of a modified corporation. This is wrong, as LLCs are unique entities (as are, for example, limited partnerships), but that has not stopped lawyers and courts, ...