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dc.contributor.other3B Scientificen_US
dc.identifier.otherMD 93en_US
dc.description.abstractModel shows the microscopic structure of the skin in great detail. With the help of the different skin sections of the hairless skin (for example palm of hand) and the hairy skin (for example forearm) the different cell layers as well as the embedded sweat glands, touch receptor, blood vessels, nerves and a hair with root can be seen. Furthermore a nail section model on the base shows the nail plate, nail bed, and the nail root. The representation of a hair root with all its cell layers completes the skin model.en_US
dc.subject.meshHuman Bodyen_US
dc.titleSkin Section with Nail and Hair Rooten_US

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    This digital collection houses information about the anatomical models and simulators at the Health Sciences Library, as well as interactive virtual models that can be accessed on or off campus.

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