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    • Cave Adstantem: Bystander Recovery in Products Liability Cases 

      Addy, Charles J.; Gross, John J. (Creighton University School of Law. Omaha, Nebraska, 1969)
      INTRODUCTION |Actions against manufacturers or retailers for personal. injury resulting from products manufactured or sold by them may be premised upon any one or more of, three theories of action, breach of warranty, ...
    • Criminal Law - Codification of Right of Self-Defense - L.B. 925, 80th Neb. Leg. Sess. (1969) 

      Addy, Charles J. (Creighton University School of Law. Omaha, Nebraska, 1970)
      FIRST PARAGRAPH(S)|The eightieth session of the Nebraska State Legislature enacted L.B. 925 which provided in substance: Section 1. No person in this state shall be placed in legal jeopardy of any kind whatsoever for ...