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    • Defining democracy in Iraq 

      Kelly, Michael J. (2010)
    • EU Constitution and the Union's democratic deficit 

      Sieberson, Stephen C. (Rodopi. New York, NY, 2008)
      This article weighs the European Union's proposed Constitution against historical complaints that the EU suffers from a democratic deficit. Various manifestations of the deficit are identified from official documents, ...
    • Forced to bowl alone? 

      Strand, Palma J. (2003)
      The state of civic participation in the U.S. is the subject of much hand-wringing. The lament is generally that citizens are withdrawn - that civic life is less vibrant than it once was and should be. This book review ...
    • The Treaty of Lisbon and its impact on the European Union's democratic deficit 

      Sieberson, Stephen C. (2008)
      In volume 10 of the Columbia Journal of European Law, the editors published an extensive article by Professor Sieberson, entitled "The Proposed European Union Constitution-Will It Eliminate the EU's Democratic Deficit?" ...